The SIRC is a contingent of experts whose collective interest is in advancing the field of implementation with a focus on Evidence Based Psychosocial Intervention implementation efficiency and research methodology issues. The core group of the SIRC has worked hard to invite experts in the field who together constitute the Network of Expertise (NoE).

The Network of Expertise (NoE) includes SIRC members in the following roles:

  • Established Implementation Research Investigators: Implementation researchers who have been funded for a large, independent implementation research project or career award (formerly Expert SPG member)
  • Established Efficacy or Services Research Investigators: Researchers who have been funded for a large, independent efficacy, effectiveness, or health services research projects who are collaborating on or conducting research that informs implementation research (formerly Expert SPG member)
  • New Investigators: Researchers early in their career, new to implementation research or conducting mentored research (formerly Junior SPG member)
  • Students: Undergraduate, post-bac, and graduate students learning implementation research

Practitioner Networks of Expertise

  • Provider Network – Leaders in clinics and agencies providing direct clinical or prevention services who implement EBPs to improve the quality of the care they provide.
  • Intermediaries Network – Trainers, consultants, facilitators, or purveyors who provide the training and expertise in EBP implementation to Provider agencies
  • Policy/Funder Network – Leaders of governmental, grant, and insurance agencies, foundations, and other systems of care who fund EBP implementation or set policy related to the use of EBPs

The NoE will be connected through a password protected page on the SIRC website linking members to a developing library of implementation-related resources, a repository of implementation instruments, and information about colleagues to facilitate networking, collaborating, and consultation. We hope that the NoE will promote collaboration between and beyond the conferences.

NoE members will have the opportunity to present their projects in development at the Implementation Development Workshop (IDW). These workshops bring together experts in implementation and implementation research with new and established investigators, EBP Champions, and Implementation Practitioners on the day preceding the SIRC conference or online webcast 3x/year. The IDW workshop focuses on improving the rigor, relevance, and efficiency of implementation research and evaluation projects in the planning and proposal stages.   There will also be a focus on effective implementation projects, trainings, and roll-outs that will include discussion of evaluation but also the structure of the implementation itself.  These workshops update everyone (presenters and participants) about trends and innovations in the field as well as build collaborations between participants. For more information about the IDW, see our websites from the 2011 workshop and 2013 workshop. The 2015 in person IDW took take place on  Thursday (September 24th) prior to the main conference. Links with information from 2015’s meeting will be made available soon.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the NoE, please use the below form.


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