The New Investigators Network of Expertise (NoE) includes researchers with:

  1. A doctoral degree or equivalent experience
  2. Experience conducting research in D&I for approximately 5 years, including before or during a graduate degree (experience in D&I research is inclusive of dissemination & implementation science and related fields, such as community-based participatory research, community psychology, program evaluation, quality improvement in healthcare, health equity research, and health services research)
  3. A track record of publications or received a grant in D&I (either as principal, chief, or co-investigator)


What do NoE members do?

All members of the research NoEs provide mentorship to implementation scientists earlier in their D&I career, and/or volunteer with SIRC’s various initiatives (e.g., hosting a webinar/office hour, providing mentorship, participating in Implementation Development Workshops).


How do I apply to the NoE?

You may apply to the New Investigator NoE through an annual application sent out via the SIRC listserv. We will release the next call for NoE applications on January 8, 2024. Applications will be due on January 31, 2024.


We are in the process of modifying the structure of the Networks to promote inclusion and collaboration while maximizing value. This may lead to changes to the Network subgroup names. While changes are underway, please find listed at this link members of our SIRC Network of Investigators that includes early-career to established investigators.