Caryn Blitz, PhD

Administration for Children and Families, US DHHS

 Kate Comtois, PhD, MPH

University of Washington


The SIRC Practitioner Network of Expertise (PNoE), with the support of the Board, has begun a project addressing the lack of infrastructure for the implementation of prevention and treatment interventions.

What began as an idea for a SIRC 2017 preconference session has developed into an initiative focused on developing a series of applied guidance documents through the sub NoEs (provider, intermediary, and policy/funder) and led by the PNoE steering committee. Interested SIRC members are invited to participate in the project through the various NoEs based on their background, level of interest, and preference for participation.

This project has begun with the first of three webinars that summarized what has already been documented about these issues and successful exemplars.

Please take a look at our first webinar, hosted by Caryn Blitz, with presentations provided by Brittany Cooper and Will Aldridge, to learn about recent efforts by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and The Society for Prevention Research to identify the necessary infrastructure and related issues for implementing and scaling multiple prevention and treatment strategies at state and national levels.

Dr. Blitz opened the webinar with an introduction to the project and the presentations.

In the first presentation, Dr. Cooper set the stage for why strong implementation infrastructure is needed and shared findings from the Society for Prevention Research (SPR) Mapping Advances in Prevention Science (MAPS) IV taskforce aimed at identifying components of infrastructure needed to advance scale-up and public health impact of effective preventive interventions.

In the second presentation, Dr. Aldridge shared information, recommendations, and deeper dives about the key elements of implementation systems described in the 2019 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) consensus committee report, Fostering Healthy Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Development in Children and Youth: A National Agenda.

The presentations were followed by audience participation and ended with project announcements and next steps.