SIRC Instrument Review Project
Poor-quality, impractical measurement has impeded the study of implementation barriers, facilitators and strategies necessary for promoting widespread delivery of evidence-based care and improving mental health. Reviews indicate that many measures currently available are indeed of poor quality, have not undergone psychometric testing, or are not pragmatic in-nature. The Instrument Review Project aims to tackle these interrelated issues through identification and assessment of measures relevant to the 47 constructs outlined by the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) and the Implementation Outcomes Framework (IOF).

Dissemination and Implementation Training Opportunities
Creation of this list is a joint project between SIRC and the ABCT Dissemination and Implementation Science Special Interest Group (DIS SIG). Here you will find a detailed list of training institutes, conferences, workshops, fellowships, psychology internship programs with D&I opportunities, graduate training, certification programs and degree programs.

Dissemination and Implementation Resources
Please find here resources to help you disseminate and implement EBPs and other interventions to improve quality of care. The resources include published articles, SIRC and other videos, graphic and technology resources, and policy papers.  All resources are either developed by or recommended by the SIRC Network of Expertise members. 

SIRC Journal: Implementation Research and Practice
SIRC is dedicated to bring together researchers and multi-level stakeholders to improve the implementation of evidence-based psychosocial interventions. In an effort to achieve this mission, SIRC launched a new journal titled Implementation Research and Practice with SAGE Publications. Click here to access the journal website and submission portal. Please email our co-founding editors-in-chief — Cara Lewis and Sonja Schoenwald — at with any questions you may have about the journal or submission interest.

Implementation Research and Practice is an international, peer-reviewed, open access, online-only journal providing rapid publication of interdisciplinary research that advances the implementation in diverse contexts of effective approaches to assess, prevent, and treat mental health, substance use, or other addictive behaviors, or their co-occurrence, in the general population or among those at-risk or suffering from these disorders.