The Trainee Investigator Network of Expertise (NoE) includes:

  • Undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows learning implementation research
  • Trainees who:
    1. Are interested in assisting with SIRC’s initiatives for trainees, AND/OR
    2. Have participated in (e.g., as a research assistant) or conducted independent research in D&I and are interested in being a peer resource to SIRC trainee members
      • Experience in D&I research is inclusive of dissemination & implementation science and related fields, such as community-based participatory research, community psychology, program evaluation, quality improvement in healthcare, health equity research, and health services research.

What do NoE members do?

All members of the research NoEs provide mentorship to implementation scientists earlier in their D&I career, and/or volunteer with SIRC’s various initiatives (e.g., hosting a webinar/office hour, providing mentorship, participating in Implementation Development Workshops).

How do I apply to the NoE?

  • You may apply to the Trainee NoE through an annual application sent out via the SIRC listserv.
    • Apply using this link
  • Applications will be due in September/October each year.
    • There are two deadlines for the NoE applications this year (2022). For those who want to participate in the IDW, we have an early deadline of August 8th. For all other applicants, the deadline is 5pm PT Monday, October 31st.
  • In the application, you will be asked for the following to determine your qualifications:
    • Your CV
    • Responses to the following questions:
      • How has dissemination and implementation influenced your thinking about research to date? (one paragraph)
      • How are you willing to participate as an active member of the Student NoE? (check all that apply)
  • You must be a SIRC member to participate in the NoE. See below for instructions on how to join SIRC.*

*Benefits for becoming a member of SIRC and information on how to join can be found here: Membership is annual fee of $50 a year for students, with financial hardship scholarships available.

NameCareer StageProgram TypeUniversity/Program AffiliationResearch InterestsTwitter
Amelia Van PeltPost-doctoral fellowUniversity of Pennsylvaniaglobal health, infectious diseases, implementation, resource-limited settings@AmeliaVanPelt
Blaine Garman-McClaine3rd year grad studentSpecial Education PhDIndiana UniversitySpecial education, autism, adoption, mechanisms, fidelity, teachers and other school personnel, intermediary organizations@Mcblaine_
Callie Walsh-Bailey3rd year grad studentPublic Health Sciences PhDWashington University in St. LouisSocial determinants of health, health equity, chronic disease; mechanisms, implementation strategies@CWalshBailey
Clara Johnson2nd year grad studentClinical Psychology PhDUniversity of WashingtonStakeholder engagement, decolonizing methodologies, access and engagement in EBTs, social risk factors@ClaraJohnson_
Elizabeth SpitzerPost-doctoral fellowClinical Psychology PhDCenter for Heathcare Organization & Implementation Research (CHOIR) at VA BostonSuicide prevention, implementation science@liz_spitzer
Frances Chu4th year grad studentNursing PhDUniversity of WashingtonGeriatrics, health literacy, HCD/UCD, team science
Grace Woodard2nd year grad studentClinical Psychology PhDUniversity of Miami, Department of Psychologybehavioral health services, sustainability, training and consultation, supervision, measurement-based care, youth and families@graceswoodard
Jake TempchinPost-baccalaureateQuantitative Methods in the Social Sciences MAThe Graduate Center, CUNYbehavioral health, substance use, adaptation, sustainment@tempchn
James LeePost-doctoral fellowJuniper Gardens Children’s Project, University of Kansas
Kane Carlock3rd year grad studentSchool PsychologyIndiana University - BloomingtonMental Health Services, Implementation Strategies, Implementation Leadership, Children and Adolescents@kanecarlock
Kayne Mettert1st year grad studentClinical Psychology PhDKaiser PermanenteBehavioral health, measurement tools
Kendal Reeder2nd year grad studentClinical Psychology PhDUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Kimberly Williams4th year grad studentHealth Management & Policy DrPHDrexel UniversityBehavioral health integration, substance use disorder, access to care, health policy, implementation strategies@Kim_D_Williams
Laura RolkePost-doctoral fellowHealth Systems PhDClemson UniversityHealthcare, teams, context, contextual factors@Laura_MPH
Lorriane OdhiamboPost-doctoral fellowPhD Public Health, EpidemiologyKent State University
Margaret Crane5th year grad studentClinical Psychology PhDTemple UniversityDissemination, direct-to-consumer marketing, mental health literacy, stigma, key opinion leaders, purveyor organizations@margaret_crane1
Maria HughPost-doctoral fellowIES Postdoctoral Research FellowUniversity of WashingtonAutism spectrum disorder, decision-making, dissemination, mechanisms, adoption@MariaLHugh
Noah Triplett4th year grad studentClinical Psychology PhDUniversity of WashingtonTraining, supervision, low-resource settings, low and middle income countries@noah_triplett
Rachel ForcinoPost-doctoral fellowGeisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Collegehealth; cancer control/survivorship; learning collaboratives; system-level barriers and facilitators
Sarah Asad4th year grad studentHealth Policy and Management PhDUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillPatient cancer outcomes, health disparities, adaptation, de-implementation; young cancer patients, minority populations
Stephanie You4th year grad studentClinical Psychology PhDUniversity of California, Los Angelesmental health equity, community implementation and adaptation of EBPs for historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups, school-based EBP implementation@StephanieHtYu
Vivian Byeon3rd year grad studentClinical Psychology PhDUniversity of California, Los AngelesBehavioral health services, organizational theory, mental health workforce, sustainability@vivianbyeon
Wendy Chu3rd year grad studentClinical-Community Psychology PhDUniversity of South CarolinaEvidence-based mental health services for marginalized youth and families; Culturally-centered dissemination and implementation practices; Community-based research@WendyChuGrad
Zabin PatelInternClinical Psychology PhDUniversity of Miamiscalable interventions, community-based, access to care, youth@zabinsp