Co-Chairs Caryn Blitz & Maria Monroe-DeVita

We are a group of policy makers and change-makers committed to informing behavioral health policy by leveraging what is known to be most effective for implementation and sustainability of evidence-based psychosocial interventions, while balancing the evidence with the practical experience of our membership in real-world policy and program settings. All roles (e.g., policy-makers; those working in organizations that inform local, state, and federal policy; trainers, providers, and academics committed to informing policy change) and all organizational types (e.g., non-profit, for-profit, university-based, school-based, healthcare, public health, governmental, child welfare, military and veteran, virtual…) are welcome to join our group.  

This Policy Network of Expertise is committed to the process of creating a SIRC guidance document for developing comprehensive implementation infrastructure, with the plan to collaboratively develop and share progress made on the guidance document at the 2021 SIRC Biennial Conference.

If you would like to nominate someone (including yourself) to join the Policy Network of Expertise, please email SIRC at with “Policy Network” in the subject line.

Name Email Affiliation
Caryn Blitz US Department of Health and Human Services
Cynthia Weaver CWeaver@AECF.ORG Annie E. Casey Foundation
Daniel Perkins Pennsylvania State University
Jennifer Tucker Salient CRGT, Inc.
Kari Samuel Washington State Health Care Authority
Kate Comtois University of Washington
Katherine Nassauer United States Army Medical Research and Material Command
Maria Monroe-Devita University of Washington
Robin Jenkins ) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ronnie Rubin Impact Reach, LLC
Sandra Morrison United States Marine Corps
Sarah Walker University of Washington