The Implementation Development Workshop (IDW; formerly Implementation Research Development Workshop: IRDW) is an on-line or half-day event where we invite NoE members to present “works in development” to receive expert feedback from colleagues. This invited meeting focuses on maximizing the methodology of implementation projects and research studies (planned or in-progress) as well as building collaboration between participants. This unique format is based on the BRIDGE model used by the Psycho-Social Aspects of Diabetes research group

Presentations for the IDW are on work in development where feedback can (a) have a helpful and substantial impact on the developing project or proposal and (b) lead to a useful discussion of cutting edge issues in implementation research.

NoE members– practitioners, students, new and established investigators–who would like feedback on a project or proposal in development will have 45 minutes, of which 10-20 minutes will be to present their project (without using technology; i.e., no power point) and 20-40 minutes for feedback coordinated by a facilitator. A note-taker will record notes of the feedback so the presenter can be involved in the discussion.

Evidence about IDW effectiveness: A mixed method study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of the IDW and compare the delivery formats—virtual and face-to-face formats. The study found IDWs to be acceptable and effective for collaboration and growth and for enhancing success in obtaining grants. A third of IDW presenters ultimately received funding for their proposal, and more than 80% of those who presented indicated they would present again in the future. Additionally, the IDW structure and facilitation process were found to be acceptable, and the virtual format was found to be equally as effective and acceptable as the face-to-face format. The study revealed IDWs to be a strong methodology for enhancing implementation science grant proposals.

Click here to access an article published in Implementation Science about IDWs.

The next IDW will occur at the SIRC 2022 pre-conference (September 8th). Please note, this is an invited event for members of our Network of Expertise (NoE).

The IDWs can also be offered via telehealth. The online format has increased the accessibility and frequency of this resource. We don’t have an online IDW planned for 2022 as the SIRC officers are devoting their time to conference preparatory activities. Requests for an online IDW for a group can be made to

We welcome a range of implementation and implementation research topics at SIRC IDWs. We especially encourage work in progress from our Practitioner NoE and those involving international and socio-culturally diverse populations and settings.

Testimonials of presenters from IDWs:

“The IDW was very helpful in shaping my grant proposal as well as connecting me with key collaborators. Two people from my group ended up providing me with more detailed feedback on my proposal and one of these people was written in as a consultant on my grant. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity!”

“Very nice experience: presenters got face-to-face dynamic feedback, plus written feedback, plus a note-taker’s summary!  Presenters seemed heartened by the discussions.”

“It was a great opportunity to network with both junior (peer) researchers and senior researchers, all of whom were open to networking and brainstorming research ideas. The presentations were very helpful and motivational.” 

“This was a fantastic opportunity to learn about things that are developing in implementation research.  As an early career researcher (doctoral student) it helped me get ideas for developing my own research program and next steps in my career.”

For more information on IDWs, please do not hesitate to contact us at