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Pre-Conference: Thursday, September 12, 2019





7:30 am


8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Implementation Development

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

(boxed lunches can be purchased during registration;
see options below

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm



Workshop 1

Grimshaw &
Noah Ivers

Implementation Laboratories to
Efficiently Advance Implementation Science and Practice


Workshop 2

Jaouich, Purnima Sundar, Heather Bullock, Carrie Comeau, Amberlee Venti,
Blair Brooke-Weiss, & Gery Shelafoe

Comprehensive Infrastructure to
Support Evidence-Based Practice Implementation and Sustainability: Where
Does SIRC Go From Here?


Workshop 3


Beyond the Academy: Engaging
With the Public, the Press, and Policymakers


Workshop 4

Mildon & Joanne Yoong

the Implementation of
Practice and Policy Research in Health and Human Services: Innovative
and Training for Implementation Science


Workshop 5

Byron J.
Rinad S. Beidas, & Shannon Wiltsey Stirman

to Implementation Science

Day 1: Friday, September 13, 2019






7:30 am

Registration Opens


7:30 am – 8:00 am

Continental Breakfast


8:00 am – 8:45 am

Welcome & Opening Remarks


8:45 am – 10:00 am

Plenary 1

Arthur Evans :Where the Rubber Meets the Road:
Reframing Implementation to Advance the Science and Practice”


10:00 am – 10:30 am



10:30 am – 11:45 am

Breakout Sessions A


Breakout A1:The Intersection of Policy
Practice Should Not be a Multi-Car Pile-Up: Research on the Role of the
‘Outer Context’ in Implementing Effective Practices

Kimberly Hoagwood

Eric Bruns

Jonathan Purtle

Public Opinion as an Outer-Contextual Factor in Health Policy D&I
Research and Practice: Evidence that the Public Cares About Evidence


Max Crowley

Federal Mental Health Legislation: What Becomes Law and Why? Results
from a 30-Year Review


Gubner, Sarah Cusworth Walker,
Felix I.
Rodriguez, Rose Krebill-Prather, Kristen
Petersen, & Sara Cusworth

Measurement infrastructure for influencing the outer context: Integrating
evidence-based practice reporting and client surveys to guide decision-making
in a learning health care system


Bruns, Jonathan Olson, Philip H. Benjamin, &
Lisa Saldana

Giving the Outer Setting Its Due: Adapting the Stages of Implementation
Completion to Policy and System-Level Change Efforts




Breakout A2: Collaboration Driving
Innovation:  Implementation Science in Action

Discussant: Leopoldo

Chair: Sheila Patel

Donna Shelley, Michael Parchman, &
Robert McNellis

Cross-Collaborations Among
Researchers, Community, and Government Agencies, and a Federal Funding Agency
to Support Implementation of Evidence-Based Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
in Primary Care: The Evidence now Initiative


Jessica Chen, Lisa Glynn, Timothy
Dawson, Hannah Gelman, & Steven Zeliadt

A Collaboration Between Practitioners,
Intermediaries, and Researchers to Increase Access to Evidence-Based Chronic Pain


Funlola Are, Rochelle Hanson, Samuel
Peer, & Ben Saunders

Untangling Trauma-Related Knowledge and
Practice Changes among Brokers in a Community-Based Learning Collaborative:
Role of Interprofessional Collaboration


Rosaura Orengo-Aguayo & Regan

Real-Time Implementation of a
Multi-Tiered, Trauma-Focused Intervention Model after Hurricane Maria in Puerto
Rico: Synergy of Research, Practice and Policy


Breakout A3: Fueling Implementation
through Collaborative Care in Healthcare Settings

Discussant: Ian Bennett

Chair: Heather Bullock

Shawna Smith, Daniel Almirall,
Katherine Prenovost, Mark Bauer, Celeste Liebrecht, Daniel Eisenberg, &
Amy Kilbourne

Change in Patient Outcomes after
Augmenting a Low-level Implementation Strategy in Community Practices that are
Slow to Adopt a Collaborative Chronic Care


Amy Rusch, Shawna Smith, Lindsay
Decamp, Celeste Liebrecht, Gregory Dalack, & Amy Kilbourne

A Community-based Implementation
Roadmap to Inform Scalability, Sustainability, and Spread of Evidence-Based
Collaborative Care Interventions


Mark Bauer, Kendra Weaver, Bo Kim,
Christopher Miller, Robert Lew, Kelly Stolzmann, Jennifer Sullivan, Rachel
Riendeau, Samantha Connolly, Jeffery Pitcock, Stig Ludvigsen, & A. Rani

The Collaborative Chronic Care Model
for Mental Health Conditions: From Partnered Implementation Trial to Scale-Up
and Spread


Christopher Miller, Bo Kim, Robert
Lew, Kelly Stolzmann, Jennifer Sullivan, Rachel Riendeau, Jeffery Pitcock,
Alicia Williamson, Samantha Connolly, A. Rani Elwy, Kendra Weaver, & Mark

A Randomized Stepped Wedge Hybrid-II Trial
to Implement the Collaborative Chronic Care Model in VA General Mental Health


Breakout A4: Mechanisms
Network of Expertise
Part 1

This is an open working meeting for
which there is some prep work.
Click here for more information.

Rinad Beidas, Nate Williams, Byron
Powell, Brian Mittman, Gracelyn Cruden, Simon Schriger, Rebecca
Lengnick-Hall, & Amber Haley

What are the Challenges of Using
Theory to Understand Context and Inform the Study of Implementation Strategy,
Mechanism, and Outcome Linkages?


11:45 am
– 1:00 pm

(lunch boxes provided; please see options below)

Optional SIRC Lunch Events:

Room 332

Meet an Editor: An open discussion
about Implementation Science, its perspectives, policies and approaches

South Ballroom

Practitioner Lunch – round tables


1:00 pm – 2:15 pm

Breakout Sessions B


Breakout B1: Leadership and
Organizational Change for Implementation – Strategy Adaptation for Context,
Population, and Practice:
Common and Unique Elements and Mechanisms

Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz

Gregory Aarons

Mark G. Ehrart, Marisa Sklar, Kristine Carandang, Melissa R. Hatch,
Joanna C. Moullin, & Gregory A. Aarons

Development, Adaptation,
and Preliminary Evaluation of the Leadership and Organizational Change for
Implementation Strategy


Lauren Brookman-Frazee,
Aubyn Stahmer, Allison Jobin, & Kristine Caradang

Testing a Multi-Level
Implementation Strategy for two Evidence-Based Autism Interventions


Erlend Høen
Laukvik, Karina M. Egeland, & Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar

Translation and
Adaptation of LOCI for Implementation of Evidence-Based Treatment for PTSD in
Norwegian Child and Adult Mental Health Care Services


Breakout B2: Building Roads: Exploring
Implementation Outcomes Across Diverse Contexts

Discussant: Cameo

Chair: Meagan Pilar

Lisa Rogers, Aoife DeBrún, &
Eilish McAuliffe

Making Sense of Context: A Systematic Review


Brittany Rudd, Jacquelyn George,
Lauren Cliggitt, Sean Snyder, Mynesha Whyte, & Rinad Beidas

Implementing Mental Health Assessment in
a Juvenile Detention Behavioral Health Unit: Lessons Learned from a Community
Academic Partnership


Sean Wright & Sonia Combs

DIY Implementation: Lessons From a
Practitioner-Led Implementation of an Evidence-Based Practice


Lisa Sanetti, Alexandra
Michele Femc-Bagwell, & Alicia Dugan

Implementation of an Educator
Participatory Program for Improving Work Environments on Health and
Wellbeing: A Mixed Methods Approach


Breakout B3: Creating Bridges: The
of Intermediary Organizations

Discussant: Bob Franks

Chair: Sapana Patel

Robin Jenkins, William Aldridge, &
Rebecca Roppolo

Assessing Intermediary Organization
Capacity for Active Implementation Support: Development and Collaborative Early
Usability Appraisal of an Intermediary Organization Capacity Assessment Tool


David Riggs, Katherine Dondanville,
Elisa Borah, & Craig Rosen

A Tailored Implementation Approach to Improving
PTSD Care in Military Treatment Facilities: Integrating
Practice-Based Knowledge and Implementation Science


Sapana Patel & Lisa Dixon

Rubber Meets the Road: How One
Intermediary Organization Uses Implementation Science to Inform Training and
Supports for a Large State


Shannon Chaplo, George Ake, Lisa
Amaya-Jackson, Byron Powell, & Ginny Sprang

Utilization of Train-the-Trainer
Programs to Support the Sustainability of Evidence-Based Trauma-Informed Interventions:
The Perspectives of Model Developers, Trainers, and Intermediary Agencies
within the National Child Traumatic Stress Network


Breakout B4: Mechanisms
Network of Expertise
Part 2

This is an open working meeting for
which there is some prep work.
Click here for more information.

Aaron Lyon, Greg Aarons, Cara Lewis,
Bryan Weiner, Stephanie Brewer, Callie Walsh-Bailey, Ann Nguyen, & Sarah

What are the Design, Analysis,
Methods, and Measurement Challenges Associated with the Study of Implementation


2:15 pm – 2:30 pm



2:30 pm – 3:45 pm

Breakout Sessions C


Breakout C1: The Intersection Of
Behavioral Economics,
Participatory Design, and Implementation Science

Gregory Aarons

Brianna Last

Briana S. Last, Courtney Benjamin Wolk,& Rinad S. Beidas

Nudge yourself: stakeholder design of implementation strategies that
leverage insights from behavioral economics


Andrew Quanbeck

Using stakeholder values to promote implementation of an
evidence-based mHealth intervention for addiction treatment in primary care


Rinad S. Beidas, Nathaniel Williams, & Rebecca Stewart

Applying insights from participatory design to design implementation


David S. Mandell, Heather Nuske, & Emily Becker-Haimes

Leveraging Normative Pressure to Increase Data Collection among
Therapists Working with Children with Autism





Breakout C2: Designated Implementation
Drivers in Action to Achieve Programmatic Goals

Discussant: Sara Landes

Chair: Gracelyn Cruden

Bryan Hartzler, Denise Walker, Aaron
Lyon, Kevin King, Lauren Matthews, Tara Ogilvie, Devon Bushnell, & Katie

Applications of Standardized Patient
Methodology to Measure Fidelity in an Implementation Trial of the Teen
Marijuana Check-Up


Dennis Watson, Alan McGuire, Rebecca
Buhner, & Krista Brucker

A Hybrid Type 1 Design to Facilitate
Rapid Testing and Translation of an Emergency Department-Based Opioid Use
Disorder Intervention Through an Academic-State Government Partnership


Eric Hermes & Ilse Wiechers

Evaluating Associations Between
Implementation Barriers, Strategies, and Program Performance: Data from 140
Substance Abuse Treatment Programs In an Integrated Healthcare System


Chariz Seijo, Kendal Reeder, Kristine
Carandang, Marisa Sklar, Mark Ehrhart, Cathleen Willging, & Gregory

Setting the Foundation for Successful
Engagement with Implementation Strategies: Multilevel Perspectives from Substance
Use Treatment Agencies


Breakout C3: Applications of Implementation
Science: Where the Rubber Meets The Road in Healthcare

Discussant: Beth

Chair: Sheena McHug

Fiona Riordan, Emmy Racine, Susan
Smith, Aileen Murphy, John Browne, Patricia Kearney, & Sheena McHugh

Involving Patients, Practitioners and
Policy Makers to Develop Theory-Based Implementation Intervention to Increase
Uptake of Diabetic Retinopathy Screening


Rachel Gold, Arwen Bunce, Stuart
Cowburn, James V. Davis, Joan Nelson, Deborah J. Cohen, James Dearing, &
Michael A. Horberg

Results from a Randomized Trial
Comparing Strategies for Helping Chcs Implement Guideline-Concordant
Cardioprotective Care


Bryan Garner, Stephen Tueller, Steve
Martino, Heather Gotham, Kathryn Speck, Michael Chaple, Denna Vandersloot, Michael
Bradshaw, Elizabeth Ball, Alyssa Toro, Marianne Kluckmann, Mathew Roosa,
& James Ford

Main Findings from the Substance Abuse
Treatment to HIV Care (SAT2HIV) Project: A Type 2
Effectiveness-Implementation Hybrid Trial


Valerie Paz-Soldan, Magdalena Jurczuk,
Margaret Kosek, Anne Rositch, Graciela Meza, Prajakta Asdul, Laura Nervi, J.
Kathleen Tracy, Javier Vasquez, Renso Lopez, Reyles Rios, Joanna Brown,
Sandra Soto, & Patti Gravitt

The Integrative Systems Practice for
Implementation Research (INSPIRE) Model: Application to Context-Appropriate Design
of a Cervical Cancer Screening Program


Breakout C4: Driving the School Bus:
Exploring Applications of Implementation Science in School and Community

Discussant: Lisa Sanetti

Chair: Elizabeth Connors

Tatiana Bustos, Amy Drahota, &
Kaston Anderson-Carpenter

A Secondary Analysis of Longitudinal
State-Level Support for School-Based Health Centers Mental Health Services


Andrew Thayer, James Merle, Madeline
Larson, Jenna McGinnis, Clayton Cook, & Aaron Lyon

Teacher Perspectives on the
Development of the Beliefs And Attitudes for Successful Implementation in Schools
for Teachers (BASIS-T)


Enya Vroom, Amanda Weston, &
Oliver Massey

Understanding Successful
Implementation of School-Based Behavioral Health Services: A Longitudinal Study
of Implementation Barriers and Facilitators


Aaron Lyon, Freda F. Liu, Jessica I.
Coifman, Heather Cook, Kevin King, Kristy Ludwig, Amy Law, Shannon Dorsey,
& Elizabeth McCauley

Randomized Trial to Optimize a Brief
Online Training and Consultation Strategy for Measurement-Based Care in School
Mental Health


3:45 pm – 4:00 pm



4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

The Winding Roads
of Implementation Science in Action



Alicia Bunger, Christy Kranich, Susan Yoon, & Lisa Juckett

Implementing Service Cascade Models
with Fidelity: A Case Study of Cross-System Coordination Strengths and



Zuleyha Cidav, Jeff Pyne, Geoffrey Curran, David Mandell, Rinad
Beidas, Jennifer Mautone, Ricardo Eiraldi, &
Steven Marcus

A Pragmatic Method for Costing
Implementation Strategies Using the Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing



Enola Proctor, Rachel Tabak, Cole Hooley, Virginia McKay, &
Emre Toker

Shared Goal, Different Languages:
Communication Between Implementation Researchers And Social Entrepreneurs



Melissa Bernstein, Brent Crandal, Gregory Aarons, & Kimberly

Making it Happen: Implementation
Efforts for Systems Level Change in Child Welfare



Byron Powell, Meredith Boyd, Hannah Kassab, & Cara Lewis

A Multiple Case Study of a Tailored
Approach to Implementing Measurement-Based Care for Depression



Maria Fernandez, Cam
Escoffery, Maya Foster, & Patricia Mullen

Systematic Adaptation of
Evidence-Based Interventions: An Intervention Mapping Approach



Sara Landes, JoAnn Kirchner, Mark Bauer, Christopher Miller,
Mona Ritchie, & Jeffrey Smith

Developing a Strategic Implementation
Research Plan Within an Integrated Healthcare System



Gregory Aarons,
Kimberly Giardina, Danielle Fettes, & Margo Fudge, and the CAPTURE
Steering Committee

of Change in Policy and Practice: The Community Academic Partnership for
Translational Use of Research Evidence (CAPTURE)


5:15 pm – 5:30 pm



5:30 pm – 7:30 pm



Day 2: Saturday, September 14, 2019






7:30 am

Registration Opens


7:30 am- 8:00 am

Continental Breakfast


8:00 am- 8:45 am

Update on SIRC Initiatives


8:45 am -10:00 am

Plenary 2

ACE Africa Team & Shannon

Implementation Challenges in Low-Resource Communities: Methods and Solutions
from Western Kenya 


10:00 am-10:30am



10:30 am -11:45 am

Breakout Sessions D


Breakout D1: Bridging the
Implementation Research to Practice Gap: Exploring Collaboration and
Solutions Between Researchers,
Policy-Makers and Funders, Implementation Supports and Implementing

Aaron Lyon

Jacquie Brown

Byron Powell

Bridging the implementation research to practice gap: Exploring collaboration
and solutions


Jenna McWilliam

Bridging the implementation research to practice gap: Exploring
collaboration and solutions


Arthur Evans

Bridging the implementation research to practice gap: Exploring
collaboration and solutions


Breakout D2: The Intersection of
Implementation Science and Healthcare Policy and Systems

Discussant: Erin Finley

Chair: Madeline Larson

Norm Good & Philippa Niven

Healthlinks, Evaluation Challenges and
Learnings from Three Organisational Perspectives


Kimberly Pratt, Briana Todd, Angela
Gray, & Jorielle Houston

The Department of Defense
Practice-Based Implementation Network: Developing a Framework for Matching Implementation
Strategies to Barriers in Complex Healthcare Systems


Steve Martino, Amanda Midboe, Alicia
Heapy, Sarah Krein, Fenton Brenda, Robert Kerns, & William Becker

Measuring the Fidelity of
Implementation Facilitation in a Primary Care Integrated Pain Support (PIPS)


Barbara Bokhour, Justeen Hyde, &
Steven Zeliadt

Applying Implementation Science
Frameworks to Evaluate the Whole Health System of Care Transformation in VA:
Measuring the Highway While It’s Being Built


Breakout D3: Makes, Models, and
Mechanics: Implementation Strategies for Promoting Positive Outcomes in
Public Health and Systems of Care

Discussant: Suzanne

Chair: Rebecca

Eliana Hurwich-Reiss, Colby
Chlebowski, Kassandra Martinez, & Lauren Brookman-Frazee

Hybrid Implementation Trials as a
Platform for Adapting a Mental Health Intervention for Latinx Children with
ASD in Publicly-Funded Mental Health Services


Hopin Lee, Nicole Nathan, Kirsty Hope,
& Luke Wolfenden

Optimizing Public Health Interventions
by Using Mechanistic Evaluations. A Case Example from a School-Based Physical
Activity Implementation Trial


Daniel Almirall, Andrew Quanbeck,
& Amy Kilbourne

Experimental Designs for Building
Effective Adaptive Implementation Interventions


Breakout D4: From the Dealership to
the Driveway: The Impact of Implementation Science on Public Policy
Development and Practice

Discussant: Joanna Moullin

Chair: Dani Adams

Lorella Palazzo, Peter Mendel, Kelli
Scott, & Cara Lewis

How Policy Mandates for Evidence-Based
Practices filter into Clinical Routines: A Mixed Methods Study


Heather L Bullock, John N. Lavis,
Michael G. Wilson, Gillian Mulvale, & Ashleigh Miatello

Understanding the Implementation of
Evidence-Informed Policies and Practices from a Policy Perspective: A
Critical Interpretive Synthesis


Brittany Cooper, Adam Darnell, Angie
Funaiole, Kevin Haggerty, & Laura Hill

Evidence-Based Policymaking to Prevent
Youth Substance Misuse: Where The Rubber Slams into the Evidence-Based
Program Implementation Road


Bridget Matarazzo, Nazanin Bahraini,
Suzanne McGarity, Megan Harvey, & Lisa Brenner

Integrating Research, Policy, and
Practice to Implement the Largest Suicide Risk Identification Strategy in a
United States Healthcare System


Breakout D5: Equity and Implementation

Discussant: Lisa Saldana

Chair: Amanda Farley

Allison Metz, Ana Baumann,
Leopoldo Cabassa, Kimberly DuMont, Beadsie Woo, JD Smith, Inger
Burnett-Zeigler, Juan Villamar, Carlos Gallo, Hendricks Brown, & Moira

The Role of Implementation Science in
Achieving Health Equity


11:45 am – 1:00 pm

Lunch (boxed lunches provided;
please see options below)


1:00 pm – 2:15 pm

Breakout Sessions E


Breakout E1: Economic and Cost
Research Methods to Inform Administrators’ and Policymakers’ Investments in

Ramesh Raghavan

Alex Dopp 

Amy M. Kilbourne, Andria Eisman, & Daniel Eisenberg

 Economic Evaluation of Implementation Strategies: Making the
Business Case for Implementation Science in the Real World


Ramzi Salloum, Elizabeth Shenkman, Stephanie Staras, Jordan Louviere,
& David Chambers

 Use of Discrete Choice Experiments to Inform Stakeholder
Decision-Making about Implementation


Zimmerman, David Lounsbury, Tom Rust, Craig Rosen, Rachel Kimerling, Jodie
Trafton, Steven Lindley, Andrew Holbrook, Stacey Park, Jane Branscomb, Debra
Kibbe, James Rollins, & Savet Hong

 Modeling to Learn: Conserving Staff Time when Comparing
Implementation Alternatives via Simulation


Alex R Dopp, Peter Mundey, Lana O. Beasley, Jane F. Silovsky, &
Daniel Eisenberg

Mixed-Method Approaches to Strengthen Economic and Cost Research
Methods in Implementation Science





E2: Moving Beyond ‘To Adapt or Not?’: Understanding and Optimizing
Adaptations for Maximum Impact in Real-World Implementation

Sarah Walker

Julia Moore

M. Alexis Kirk, Julia E.
Moore, & Byron J. Powell

Developing the Adaptation-Impact
Model and Translating it for Use in Practice


Britanny Cooper, Garrett
Jenkis, & AnaMaria Diaz Martinez

Striking the Right
Balance: Tracking Adaptations to Community-based Prevention Programs to
Enhance Guidance to Implementers


Sarah Cusworth Walker
& Michael Graham-Squire

Rapid Adaptation: Making
Adaptations Work for Real World Systems, Services and Science


Breakout E3: Fueling Up: Developing
Utilizing Measures and Tools to Enhance Implementation Outcomes

Discussant: Bryan Weiner

Chair: Stephanie Yu

Aaron Tierney, Marie Haverfield, Mark
McGovern, & Donna Zulman

Advancing Evidence Synthesis from
Effectiveness to Implementation: Recommendations for the Integration of
Implementation Measures into Evidence Synthesis Approaches


Taren Swindle, Julie Rutledge, &
Geoffrey Curran

What Fidelity Data Don’t Say: Types of
Adopters and Resisters in an Implementation Trial in Early Care and Education


Zarnie Khadjesari, Sabah Boufkhed,
Silia Vitoratou, Laura Schatte, Alexandra Ziemann, Christina Daskalopoulou,
Eleonora Uglik-Marucha, Nick Sevdalis, & Louise Hull

Implementation Outcome Instruments
Used in Healthcare Settings and Their Measurement Properties: A Systematic


Helena Fridberg, Malin Tistad,
Catarina Wallengren, Henrietta Forsman, Anders Kottorp, & Lars Wallin

Development of an Instrument for
Evaluating Implementation Efforts and Benchmarking Regarding Person Centred


Breakout E4: Highways and Byways:
Implementation Factors in Action Across Multiple Settings

Alicia Bunger

Chair: Callie

Robert Franks & Jonathan Scaccia

Implementation Practice Track: Where
the Rubber Meets the Road – Novel Applications and Adaptations of
Implementation Tools and Strategies in Real World Settings


Vanessa Rose

How Can Implementation Quality be
Evaluated? An Example from a Pilot Initiative in Australian Child and Family Services


Bradley Wagennar, Wilson Hammett,
Courtney Jackson, Dana Atkins, Jennifer Belus, & Christopher Kemp

Implementation Science For Depression
Interventions In Low-And Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review


Tim Rappon, Erica Bridge, Alyssa
Indar, & Whitney Berta

Predicting Quality Improvement
Sustainability with Artificial Neural Networks


2:15 pm – 2:30 pm



2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Poster Session (Presenters
to set up posters from 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm)


2:30 pm – 3:45 pm

Breakout Sessions F


Breakout F1: Psychometric and
Pragmatic Properties of Inner and Outer Context Measures in Implementation

Discussant: Laura

Chair: Byron Powell

F. Stanick, Heather M. Halko, Elspeth A. Nolen, Byron J. Powell, Caitlin N.
Dorsey, Kayne D. Mettert, Bryan J. Weiner, Melanie Barwick, Luke Wolfenden,
Laura J. Damschroder, & Cara C. Lewis

 Pragmatic Measures for Implementation Research: Development of the
Psychometric and Pragmatic Evidence Rating Scale (PAPERS)


Bryan J. Weiner, Caitlin N. Dorsey, Kayne D. Mettert, & Cara

 Psychometric and Pragmatic Evaluation of Measures of Readiness for


Byron J. Powell, Kayne D. Mettert, Caitlin N. Dorsey, Mark G. Ehrhart,
Gregory A. Aarons, Bryan J. Weiner, & Cara C. Lewis

 Measuring Organizational Culture and Climate: A Systematic Review


Sheena McHugh, Eric J. Bruns, Jonathan Purtle, Caitlin N. Dorsey,
Kayne D. Mettert, & Cara C. Lewis

A Systematic Review of Outer Setting Measures in Behavioral Health


Breakout F2: Where the Rubber Meets
the Road in Clinical Mental Health Settings

Discussant: Shannon
Wiltsey Stirman

Chair: Ana Baumann

Hannah Frank, Briana Last, Reem
AlRabiah, Jessica Fishman, Brittany Rudd, Hilary Kratz, Colleen Harker, Sara Fernandez-Marcote,
Kamilah Jackson, & Rinad Beidas

Applying the Theory of Planned
Behavior and the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to
Understand Therapists’ Perceived barriers and Facilitators to Using Trauma


Stephanie Yu, Lauren Brookman-Frazee,
Joanna Kim, Miya Barnett, & Anna Lau

The Relationship between
Therapist-driven Adaptations to Evidence-based Practices (EBP) and the
Extensiveness of EBP Strategy Delivery in Community Implementation


Emily Becker-Haimes, Jessica Fishman,
Torrey Creed, Courtney Benjamin Wolk, Danielle Centeno, & David Mandell

One Size Does Not Fit All: Clinician
Intentions to Implement Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy vary by Specific


Heidi La Bash, Norman Shields, Tasoula Masina, Kera Swanson, 
JiYoung Song, Clara Johnson, Matthew Beristianos, Erin Finley, Vanessa
Rameriz, Jeanine Lane, Michael Suvak, Candice Monson, & Shannon Wiltsey

A Comparison of Consultant Effects,
Activities, and Perceptions on Therapist Fidelity and Patient Treatment


Breakout F3: From Coaching to Machine
Learning: Strategies to Address the Bumps and Potholes of Implementation

Discussant: Lisa Saldana

Chair: Amber Haley

David Lounsbury, Debra Kibbe, James
Rollins, & Lindsey Zimmerman

From Blank Page To Local Optimization:
Participatory Systems Modeling To Improve Local Evidence Based Practice


Kristen Miner, Emily Bilek, Jennifer
Vichich, Shawna Smith, & Elizabeth Koschmann

Building Implementation Capacity
through Development of a Coaching Network


Spencer Choy, Jaime Pua Chang, &
Brad Nakamura

The Parent Engagement in
Evidence-Based Services Questionnaire: Advancing Our Understanding of
Parental Intentions for Engaging in Evidence-Based Practice


Lydia Moussa, Kaska Musial
Gabrys, Simon Kocbek, & Victoria Garcia Cardenas

What Works Best In Practice? A
Machine- Learning Tool To Determine The Effectiveness Of ‘Real-World’
Facilitation Strategies In Overcoming Evidence-Based Barriers To


Breakout F4: Going the Distance:
Co-Creation, Collaborative Partnerships, and Innovation to Expand Reach

Discussant: Alison

Chair: Oscar Fleming

Erica Lau, Joanie Sims-Gould, Samantha
Gray, & Heather McKay

Implementation Strategies of a
Co-Designed Physical Activity Program for Older Adults


Suzanne Kerns & Mollie Bradlee

Innovative Funding to Achieve Reach:
Pay for Success


Claire Snell-Rood, Cathleen Willging,
& Robin Pollini

Implementation of Systems-Level
Interventions to Expand Rural Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
for Opioid Use Disorders


Thomas Engell, Benedicte Kirkøen,
Karianne Thune Hammerstrøm, Hege Kornør, Kristine Horseng Ludvigsen, & Kristine
Amlund Hagen

Using Common Elements and Co-Creation
to Enhance Implementability of Evidence-Informed Interventions: Example from an
Academic Intervention in Norwegian Child Welfare


3:45 pm – 4:00 pm



4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

Plenary 3

Plenary Speakers: Per Nilsen, Melanie
Barwick, Bryan Weiner, Jeremy Grimshaw

Moderator: Robyn Mildon

Perspectives on the Intersection of
Implementation Research, Policy, and Practice: Offering a Path Forward 


5:15 pm – 5:45 pm

& Closing