New “Institute For Research And Education Advancing Children’s Health (REACH)??? at Arizona State University.


REACH’s mission is to partner with scientists, policy makers, and community stakeholders, both locally and globally, to bridge the gap between university-based science and provider communities toward the goal of integrating science and practice to advance education, health, and well-being of children and families. The ASU REACH Institute, formerly known as the Prevention Research Center, aims to improve existing educational, health, and mental health services by:


·         Refining innovative technologies to improve feasibility and sustainability of evidence-based interventions in community settings

·         Educating and training scientists, policy makers, and community stakeholders on the global dissemination of evidence-based interventions

·         Appraising, generating, and integrating basic research to improve the value, relevance, and effectiveness of interventions

·         Collaborating with diverse community and policy stakeholders to implement and integrate sustainable intervention supports into existing systems

·         Helping develop adaptable infrastructures for the global dissemination of evidence-based interventions across diverse sectors


The ASU REACH Institute is housed in the Department of Psychology and led by Dr. Thomas Dishion and other faculty active in the prevention science community including:

Tim Ayers Cady Berkel Laurie Chassin Leah Doane Bill Fabricius
Nancy Gonzales Kathryn Lemery Suniya Luthar Linda Luecken David MacKinnon
Anne Mauricio Marisol Perez Armando Pina Mark Roosa Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus
Irwin Sandler Jenn-Yun Tein Emily Winslow Sharlene Wolchik