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This position is located within the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Center for Evidence and Practice Improvement, Division of Practice Improvement in Rockville, MD.

As a Supervisory Physician, you will be responsible for supervising a professional staff focused on practice transformation and improvement to build the evidence base on how to improve care delivery with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes.

Your major duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Providing supervisory leadership and direction for a staff of highly skilled professionals and overseeing the activities of personnel and programmatic direction perspectives.
  • Representing the Agency on national and international committees, panels, etc., as an authority.
  • Cultivating partnerships within AHRQ and other Federal entities; professional, government, and public organizations; quality improvement organizations; health plans; insurers; policy makers; and consumer organizations.
  • Conceptualizing, planning, executing and disseminating intramural and extramural clinical, health services, and implementation science research.
  • Directly responsible for leading the establishment of goals and objectives for the identification, design and implementation of research activities as they pertain to practice and/or systems improvement.
  • Leading development and implementation of Center policies, objectives and goals to ensure comprehensive and integrated health services research, implementation science and dissemination and implementation projects.
  • Leading short and long range planning activities for the Division as informed by the Center Director.