Call for Measurement Feedback Systems

Drs. Aaron Lyon and Cara Lewis are in the process of conducting a comprehensive review and competitive analysis of measurement feedback systems (MFS) used in mental health care settings. 

For the purposes of their review, MFS are defined as:


(1) Systems that include, or provide the ability to input into the system, quantitative measures that are administered regularly throughout treatment to collect ongoing information about the process and progress of the intervention.

(2) MFS provide an automated presentation of the information described above and, in doing so, they supply timely and clinically useful feedback to mental health providers about their cases.


To ensure that no existing MFS are overlooked,

we ask that you email us with any MFS you know about.


MFS may be: standalone systems; systems that plug-and-play in an existing electronic health record; an electronic health record with advanced features as defined above; or a patient/client smartphone application that feeds outcomes to providers.


Examples of the kind of MFS we are looking for are:


Please forward this Call for Measurement Feedback Systems to your colleagues.

We hope that the results of this work will streamline the process of identifying MFS to aid in your implementation efforts. Thank you in advance for your help!

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