Authors: Cengiz Hakan Aydin and Deniz Tasci


In order to benefit from e-learning, companies should conduct considerable up-front analysis to assess their


readiness. There are a number of instruments in the ma rket that can be used for assessing readiness for e-learning. However, almost all of these instruments are developed to be used in countries that have a mature


field of human resources development. So, these instruments consist of terms, phrases, and applications that


are meaningless for many companies in especially emerging countries where human resources development


field has just shown an improvement. This article includes the description of a survey instrument that has


been developed to assess e-learning readiness of companies in these kinds of countries and the results of a


study that examines organizational readiness of compan ies for e-learning in Turkey. The study reveals that


companies surveyed are overall ready for e-learning but they need to improve need to improve themselves,


particularly in the area of human resources, in order to be able to successfully implement e-learning.


Although this instrument has been deve loped according to the cultural ch aracteristics of Turkish companies


it can easily be adapted to be used by companies of other emerging countries.