The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2011.

We hope all conference attendees will submit a proposal for either an oral presentation (15-20 minute talk) or a poster of implementation research or community projects with data (including interim and negative results).

We particularly encourage the following topics:

  • empirical support for theoretical models of implementation
  • effective strategies for expanding reach of EBPIs
  • component approaches to EBPIs
  • fidelity measurement and design
  • provider directed implementations (outside of research context)
  • community participatory research designs
  • uses of technology in implementation
  • format, content, or method of training
  • level of education needed to effectively provide EBPIs
  • strategies to manage clinician or administrative turnover
  • usual care and practice based evidence
  • degree of adaptation of the EBPI
  • intervention setting/population to EBPI fit
  • obtaining client outcome data
  • approaches to missing data
  • comparison conditions maximizing internal vs. external validity
  • measures or measure development methods
  • quasi-experimental designs and statistical approaches
  • economic evaluation of EBPI implementation
  • sustainability of implementation
  • other systems that impact implementation
  • medical settings or chronic illness care

To submit a proposal:

You can copy and paste or type text directly into the submission survey.Submissions include: Title of presentation, an Abstract of 200 words or less, 3-5 key words that describes your presentation, all Authors’ names and affiliations.If you have a group of presentations you would like to organize into a symposium, please email us at and we will arrange for an alternate submission format.

Click here to submit your proposal