Introductory Course on Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
Hosted by: The Knowledge Translation Program
Dates: January 7 – April 5, 2019
Cost: $1800

This is an introductory course on systematic reviews and meta-analyses and will be delivered online. It is co-taught by Andrea Tricco (MSc, PhD) and Sharon Straus (MD, MSc). The overall course objective is to teach about systematic reviews in general, as well as how to conduct a systematic review. This information will be used by the students to prepare a protocol for a systematic review on the topic of their choice, with guidance from the course instructors.

The course will cover 18 modules in total. Each module consists of a video presentation, mandatory
readings, optional readings, and a mandatory quiz. It is recommended that each student conduct a systematic review while taking the course. In addition, there are two assignments related to developing a systematic review question and protocol.

The students will have approximately 3 months to complete the course and the course instructors will provide highlevel methodological support for the review, including a consultation with an experienced librarian and a consultation with an experienced biostatistician (if metaanalysis is being considered) upon reasonable request.