Our Findings Will Advance Mechanisms of Implementation to Accelerate Sustainable Evidence-Based Practice IntegrationConference products will position the field to elucidate how, why, and under what circumstances implementation strategies work for whom, with an emphasis on AHRQ priority populations, to achieve more effective and sustained implementation.


Information on MNoE Breakout Sessions at the 5th Bienniel SIRC onference September 13, 2019

Title: SIRC Mechanisms Network of Expertise: Open Working Meeting to Advance an
Implementation Mechanisms Research Agenda

Subtitle: Breakout 1: What are the challenges of using theory to understand context and
inform the study of implementation strategy, mechanism, and outcome linkages?

Speakers/Leaders: Rinad Beidas, Nate Williams, Byron Powell, Brian Mittman

Student Co-Leads: Gracelyn Cruden, Simon Schriger, Rebecca Lengnick-Hall, Amber Haley

Invited Members of the SIRC Mechanisms Network of Expertise:

Causal Theory & Context:
• Russ Glasgow
• Maria Fernandez
• Anne Sales
• Shannon Wiltsey Stirman
• Pat Arean
• Per Nilsen
Implementation Strategies  Mechanisms  Outcomes
• Donna Shelley
• Jonathan Tobin

Year 1 – 2019 Year 2 – 2020 Year 3 – 2021
Quarterly Meetings
Q1: Williams & Lewis host webinar
Q2: Matrix Mapping exercise
Q3: SIRC 2019 coding discussed
Q4: Workgroups discuss gaps and generate skeletal roadmap
Q1: Review evaluation; Partner interviews discussed
Q2: Cull list of statements for CM
Q3: Finalize research agenda
Q4: Discuss manuscripts
Q1: Review evaluation; Assign disemmination products
Q2: Prep workshops and plenaries
Q3: SIRC 2021 presentations
Q4: Revise disseminate materials
In-Person Deep Dive Activities
Seattle (overlap w SIRC) Friday Harbor Seattle (overlap w SIRC)
Day 1
Review SIRC program and assign MNoE to talks to align with workgroup docus areas Powell to present overview of concept mapping analysis and interpretation procedures; Results pre-sented MNoE lead workshops
Day 2
(Full Day)
MNoE engage w SIRC in IDWs
MNoE engage in coding SIRC talks
Finalize concept mapping solution
Operationalize priority clusters & items to inform strategic actions steps
MNoE deliver plenary sessions
MNoE engage w SIRC in IDWs
Day 3
(Full Day)
MNoE lead think tanks on each focus area
MNoE engage incoding SIRC talks
Generate strategies for addressing priorities
Developm dissemination plan, including manuscript #1, short course material, policy briefs, and videos
MNoE present dissemination products and solicit feedback in focused sessions with SIRC members