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Oral Presentations & Symposia

SIRC 2024 breakout sessions are scheduled for Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28. Breakout sessions are 75 minutes long, and each breakout session includes either a group of three oral presentations or a symposium.

Individual oral presentations are grouped as three back-to-back oral presentations (20 minutes each) followed by a shared, 15-minute Q&A session at the end (75 minutes total). Please prepare to present within 20 minutes to respect other presenters’ allotted time in your session. A session moderator will be present to provide timekeeping support and facilitate Q&A. Oral presentation groupings are loosely based on a shared theme (i.e., innovation, population, implementation method, context) but you are not expected to coordinate across presentations. However, you are encouraged to connect with fellow presenters in your session, as we hope this is one way to facilitate networking among SIRC attendees.

Symposia also receive 75 minutes. Symposia presenters can choose to how to organize their individual oral presentations within their session block (e.g., order and length of talks). This would need to be pre-determined by symposia co-presenters and the discussant and/or chair. Please allocate at least 10 minutes of Q&A within your symposium time.



    • All presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptop computer (with pre-loaded powerpoint slides). The hotel will provide an HDMI cord for you to connect your laptop to the projector.
    • Please check if your laptop has an HDMI port. If you do not have an HDMI port, then you are responsible for bringing your own adapter.


Powerpoint slides:

    • Please apply widescreen formatting when preparing your slides.
    • Our experience indicates that allowing 1 minute per slide is optimal. If you plan to have more than 15-20 slides, please be sure your presentation fits within the allocated time.
    • Do not rely on a wifi connection to stream or show websites but instead ensure that all images and videos are embedded in your presentation file.
    • Please notify the conference organizers if you plan to play audio clips from your computer. You are welcome to bring your own external speakers. Otherwise, we may be able to secure a set for you from our AV team at the Hyatt Regency Denver.
    • Presenters do not need to pre-submit their powerpoint slides to the conference. We encourage presenters to share their slides with attendees via a weblink or QR code to an uploaded copy on your website or an online file share site (e.g. dropbox, googledrive, etc).


Other details:

    • Most breakout rooms will be setup in “theater style” row seating. Room capacity ranges between 60 to 100 seats (depending on the room you are assigned). Sessions will not be allowed to exceed room capacity.
    • Each room will have a water station.
    • Please arrive at your room at least 5 minutes in advance of the session start time.
    • Each session will have an assigned volunteer moderator who will field any issues or questions, monitor presenter time, enforce room capacity limits, distribute and collect evaluation surveys, make any needed announcements, etc.



Poster format & size:

    • Each poster presenter will be assigned a space of 3’ ft high by 4’ ft wide. Please ensure that your poster does not exceed this size.
    • Please consider using the new “Better Scientific Poster” (BSP) format (learn more here). This format is intended to improve the efficiency of knowledge transfer & facilitate interactions during poster sessions (templates available here).


Poster setup and takedown:

    • Your poster session will be listed in the conference program and mobile app.
    • Push pins for mounting your poster will be provided by the conference.
    • Please arrive 10 minutes early to setup your poster.
    • Please remove your poster after your poster session is finished. Organizers are not able to take responsibility for your poster materials.


Poster printing:

    • Poster presenters are responsible for printing and transporting their poster.
    • SIRC does not offer on-site poster printing.



  • Slams are short, 5-minute talks designed to engage and entertain while disseminating information in an easy-to-follow format in order to reach a wide audience. Slams typically avoid scientific jargon and use well-chosen pictures and metaphors to explain complex topics.
  • Example of Slam presentation:


Thank you for contributing to SIRC 2024 as a presenter! Send any questions you have to