The SIRC Mission Award recognizes outstanding contributions of collaborative teams in advancing implementation science and practice consistent with the spirit of SIRC’s mission.

Stepping Up Initiative & I.M. Stepping Up Study
For raising awareness and taking action on justice and mental health issues through collaboration across justice and health sectors that is grounded in innovative advancements in implementation science and with direct contributions to advancing health equity

Center for Public Health Systems Science at Washington University in St. Louis
For advancing the promotion, conceptualization, and measurement of sustainability with diverse partners across numerous areas of medicine and public health

Dissemination and Implementation Science Center (DISC) at the University of California San Diego Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI)
For advancing dissemination and implementation through authentic community engagement that involves integration of novel partnership models



Outstanding Student Presentation
Implementation facilitation to maximize acceptability, feasibility, and usability of mobile phone supervision in Kenya: Results from a pilot study
Noah Triplett, Rashed AlRasheed, Clara Johnson, Anne Mbwayo, & Shannon Dorsey

Outstanding Early Career Practitioner Presentation
To Push or To Pull: Strengthening Outer Setting Factors to Facilitate Implementation and Sustainability of Evidence-Based Practices in Children’s Behavioral Health Settings
Amy Doyle, Angelina Ruiz, Michaela Harris, Rachel Kim, Daniel Cheron, & Robert Franks

Outstanding Early Career Researcher Presentation
From Research to Action: Translating Evidence for a Culturally Adapted Contingency Management Program into Practice in Partnership with American Indian Communities
Katherine (Kait) Hirchak, Sara Parent, Kelsey Bajet, Holly Echo-Hawk, Thomas Freese & Michael McDonell

Outstanding Practice-Focused Oral Presentation
Decision-makers’ experiences with rapid evidence summaries to support real-time evidence informed decision-making in crises: A mixed methods study
Ahmad Firas Khalid, Jeremy Grimshaw, Salim Sohani, Faiza Rab, Nandana Parakh, & Rana Charide

Outstanding Research-Focused Oral Presentation
Moderators of Implementation Strategy Effectiveness to Support CBT Delivery at Michigan High Schools: Results from the Adaptive School-based Implementation of CBT (ASIC) Clustered-SMART
Shawna Smith, Daniel Almirall, Seo Youn Choi, Elizabeth Koschmann, Amy Rusch, Emily Bilek, Annalise Lane, James Abelson, Daniel Eisenberg, Joseph Himle, Kate Fitzgerald, Celeste Liebrecht, & Amy Kilbourne

Outstanding Practice-Focused Symposium
Mechanisms of change within external implementation support: A conceptual model and applied case examples
Chair: Rebecca Roppolo
Discussant: Rohit Ramaswamy
Other authors/presenters: Will Aldridge, Jacquie Brown, Brian Bumbarger, & Renee Boothroyd

Outstanding Research-Focused Symposium
Bridging the Evidence-to-Practice Gap for Contingency Management: One of the Most Effective, but Least Implemented Interventions for Persons with Substance Use Disorders
Chair: Sara Becker
Discussant: Rick Rawson
Other authors/presenters: Kelli Scott, Katherine Hirchak, Sara Parent, & Michael McDonell




Sponsored by The Hospital for Sick Children

Student Conference Registration Award

Diondra Straiton, Michigan State University

Practitioner Conference Registration Award

Ahmad Firas Khalid, Canadian Red Cross & Ottawa Hospital Research Institute