The Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC) is seeking nominations for an inaugural award to recognize outstanding contributions of collaborative teams in advancing implementation science and practice consistent with the spirit of SIRC’s mission.

SIRC’s Mission:
SIRC is an organization dedicated to facilitating communication and collaboration between implementation research teams, researchers, and community providers. SIRC aims to bring together researchers and stakeholders committed to the rigorous evaluation of implementation of evidence-based psychosocial interventions.

Please nominate your own team, group, or organization or suggest the nomination of another. At least one person whose work is represented should be a SIRC member. For SIRC membership information:

If you are nominating a team other than your own, please tell us who we should contact to request a nomination letter, should they accept the nomination. Nomination letters will be accepted through July 5th 2019 and the awardee will be announced at the SIRC 2019 conference in Seattle, Washington.

Nominees are asked to provide a 1-2 page letter detailing the following:

  1. Describe your collaborative team of researchers and practitioners and the work you do together. In general, how does the work of your team advance implementation science and practice collaboratively with partnership among researchers and practitioners?
    • Practitioner may be defined broadly. Examples include local providers, evidence-based practice champions, administrators, policy makers, and people who consult, facilitate, or purvey the training and expertise of evidence-based practices to agencies
  2. Highlight the areas in which you believe your team or organization is innovative and advances both implementation science and practice
  3. Provide a one-paragraph description each of up to three specific products or outcomes of your work together (e.g., reports, publications, implementation projects, frameworks, theories, web-based resources, etc. – think broadly!) that exemplify the work your team does to advance implementation science and practice. Briefly describe each product or outcome and how it was developed collaboratively and how it advances implementation science and practice. Provide any supporting documentation, for instance, a link and/or citation to a public report or publication.
  4. If you would like to share more than three products or outcomes of your work, you may provide a link or citation for additional examples (no brief description).
  5. Describe how your team has harnessed funding or other resources to do this collaborative work.
  6. Describe how your work has impacted the individuals who are the intended recipients (e.g., patients, clients, consumers, etc.) of your team’s implemented practice(s).
  7. Describe what your team or organization plans to do next.

Please submit your nomination suggestion or letter to the SIRC 2019 Awards Committee at In the subject line, write “Nomination for SIRC Mission Award”

Thank you for taking the time to submit or suggest nominees! If you have any questions, please email and write in the subject line: “Question re nomination for SIRC Mission Award”