The Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC) is a society dedicated to facilitating communication and collaboration between implementation research teams, researchers, and community providers. SIRC aims to bring together researchers and stakeholders committed to the rigorous evaluation of the implementation of evidence-based interventions. 

SIRC is excited to announce a call for nominations! SIRC is led by a board of volunteers, and we are currently soliciting nominations for individuals to serve on the SIRC board beginning October 2024. Unless otherwise noted, this position will be a 2-year term beginning in October 2024 and ending in October 2026. 

The following roles are open for nominations:

  1. President
  2. Treasurer
  3. Communications Chair
  4. Membership Chair (3 year term, ending October 2027)
  5. Practitioner Network Chair
  6. Technology Chair
  7. Sponsorship Chair (1 year term, ending October 2025)
  8. Student Representative
  9. Student Communications Officer (3 year term, ending October 2027)
  10. Student Secretary 
  11. Student Membership Officer
  12. Student Practitioner Network Chair (1 year term, ending October 2025)


Descriptions of each role and associated responsibilities are listed below. Current board members are listed on our website. Board members are intentionally paired with students, which allows for robust support of the SIRC community and provides opportunities for reciprocal learning through SIRC’s mentorship model.

Please nominate your colleagues to submit a self-nomination by May 17, 2024.

To submit a nomination, visit this link and include the following information:

  • Name and email address of nominee
  • Name and email address of nominator (if different from nominee)
  • Nominee’s CV
  • A short paragraph (2-3 sentences) explaining why the nominee is well-suited for the position (e.g., given the nominee’s skillset or career goals, for instance)


The Nominations Committee (Margaret Crane [Chair], Sapana Patel, Tyler Frank, and Sue Kerns) will review the information provided in the nomination form. Nominees who move forward in the process will be asked to provide a brief bio and describe why they believe they are a fit for their nominated role with SIRC. 

The SIRC community has a shared mission to improve the implementation of effective practices in behavioral health, health, and social care, notably through collaboration among communities, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. Our work is motivated by a deep commitment to social justice and equitable health outcomes. To this end, SIRC is focused on supporting research and practice to reduce disparities in access, quality, and treatment outcomes for marginalized populations. A critical component of these efforts is ensuring that SIRC is a diverse and inclusive board where all members’  unique attributes and skills are valued and utilized to support SIRC’s mission. Nominees will be asked to share their ideas for how they will prioritize and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion within their SIRC role. Descriptions of specific actions to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in implementation research and practice are encouraged. 

Once the list of nominees is compiled, that list will be sent out to all paid SIRC members to vote in the election. To become a SIRC member and cast your vote, please visit our membership page. 

SIRC is seeking nominations for the following roles on the Board of Directors:

  •  President: The SIRC president plans the next conference, represents SIRC, calls meetings, oversees initiatives, and coordinates the other officers. The President must be a current or former SIRC officer.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer manages the SIRC budget and accounts and helps to plan conferences and other initiatives.
  • Communications Chair: The Communications Chair collaborates with the Student Communications Officer to represent SIRC in social media and email. This includes posting regularly on Twitter (X), replying to email requests for content of biweekly emails, sending biweekly emails to members, communicating about the conference, and being the point of contact for communication of events and SIRC updates for the board.
  • Membership Chair: The Membership Chair oversees membership, collects dues, and conducts initiatives to increase membership of under-represented groups.
  • Practitioner Network Chair: The SIRC Practitioner Network (PN) is comprised of three subnetworks: Intermediary subnetwork, Provider subnetwork, and Policy/Funder Subnetwork. The PN Chair supports PN membership growth, supports PN activities, promotes implementation practitioners in SIRC activities, including the conference, and supports PN special initiatives.
  • Technology Chair: The Technology Chair oversees the SIRC website and related online initiatives.
  • Sponsorship Chair: The Sponsorship Chair will work closely with the president to secure sponsorships for SIRC and the conference, and to maintain relationships with SIRC sponsors. This is a new position for SIRC.
  • Student Representative: The two student representatives lead the Trainee Network, the mentorship program, develop resources to meet student needs, and provide support to the SIRC officers as needed to maximize SIRC conferences and initiatives. One of the student representative positions is up for election.
  • Student Communications Officer: The Student Communications Officer collaborates with the Communications Chair to represent SIRC in social media and email. This includes posting regularly on Twitter (X), replying to email requests for content of biweekly emails, sending biweekly emails to members, communicating about the conference, and being the point of contact for communication of events and SIRC updates for the board.
  • Student Secretary: The Student Secretary assists the Secretary by taking minutes, managing emails, and organizing meetings.
  • Student Membership Officer: The Student Membership Officer assists the Membership Chair with membership communications and conducting membership outreach in the service of reaching membership targets.
  • Student Practitioner Network Chair: The Student Practitioner Network (PN) Chair provides support for all PN subnetwork meetings, and activities, and collaborates with the PN Chair and subnetwork leaders to promote implementation practitioners in SIRC activities, including the conference and PN special initiatives.


Thank you. We look forward to receiving your nominations!