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Sustainability is defined as the extent to which a newly implemented treatment is maintained or institutionalized within a service setting’s ongoing, stable operations.

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Amodeo Counselor Maintenance Measure
Amodeo 2010
Measure of counselor maintenance of CBT skills based on audio-taped sessions (items not available).
Change Process Capability Questionnaire
Solberg 2008
The CPCQ is a 32-item instrument measuring several domains of change capacity: history of change, plans for continuous organizational refinement, ability to initiate and sustain change, and strategies for process improvement.
Eisen Provider Knowledge and Attitudes Survey (Sustainability Scale)
Eisen 2013
49-item instrument measures knowledge and attitudes in several areas that include rating scales for the CATCH-IT intervention, such as feasibility screening, interview, and Internet, barriers, willingness, capability, global appraisal, and sustainability.
Evidence Based Practice Sustaining Telephone Survey
Swain 2010
47-item instrument measuring sustainment of practices, modifications to practice, and factors affecting sustainment.
General Organizational Index
Bond 2009
12-item instrument assessing quality of
care in reference to a specific practice over an extended period of time.
Knowledge Exchange Outcomes Tool
Skinner 2007
44-item instrument assessing knowledge exchange outcomes using the dissemination of a best practices.
Organization Checklist
Berliner L. (unpublished)

7-item instrument assessing EBP use.

Prevention Program Assessment (Maintenance Scales)

Stamatakis 2012

20-item instrument measuring community awareness of EBIs, agency awareness of EBIs, adoption, implementation, evaluation maintenance, and resource maintenance (items not available).

Program Sustainability Assessment Tool

Luke 2014

40-item instrument assessing the capacity for program sustainability of various public health and other programs.

Program Sustainability Index

Mancini 2004

The PSI is a 53-item instrument measuring elements of sustainability.

School-wide Universal Behavior Sustainability Index-School Teams (Potential Barriers Scale) 

McIntosh 2011

The SUBSIST is a 39-item instrument  to assess the theoretical factors of sustainability of school-based interventions.

Sustainability and Spread Activities Questionnaire

Chung 2013

The Sustainability and Spread Activities Questionnaire assesses practices’ continued use of PHQ-9 for routine care of patients with depression (items not available).

Sustainment  Cost Survey

Roundfield 2017

The Sustainment Cost Survey (SCS) is a 49-item measure to collect administrative data on the costs to CMHAs associated with sustaining an EBP following initial implementation (items not available).

Not Suitable for Rating

Kirchner Sustainability Measure

Kirchner 2014

A reassessment of Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, and Implementation.