We announced at the 2019 SIRC Conference that we are accepting nominations for new officers. SIRC is led by a board of volunteer Officers and Student Officers who serve two-year terms, with Officers and Student Officers being elected on opposite years. Some current Officers’ tenures are coming to a close and SIRC is currently seeking nominations for new officers to begin January 2020 and hold the position through to January 2022:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Communications Officer
  • Practitioner Network of Expertise Chair
  • Social Chair
  • Student Representative (one of two)

Descriptions of each role and associated responsibilities are listed below. Officers (except Student Representative) are paired with Student Officers thus supporting SIRC’s mentorship model that will allow students to be immersed in a rich and vibrant group of implementation scientists.

Self and other-supported nominations are invited. Please submit nominations by October 21st, 2019.

To submit a nomination, please visit the following link and include the following information: https://is.gd/SIRCnominations 

  • Name and email address of nominee
  • Name and email address of nominator (if different from nominee)
  • Nominee’s CV
  • A brief bio about the nominee
  • A short paragraph (2-3 sentences) explaining why the nominee is particularly well-suited for the position (e.g., given the nominee’s skillset or career goals, for instance)

Once the list of nominees is compiled that list will be sent out to all paid SIRC members to vote in the election. To become a SIRC member and cast your vote, please visit our membership page at https://societyforimplementationresearchcollaboration.org/membership-management/

The President MUST be a current or former SIRC officer. The President manages SIRC’s day-to-day operations, leads Officer and Core meetings, oversees budget, assists in the planning of the conference.

The Secretary assists with managing all Officer and Core member meeting logistics, coordinating the Officer’s work, triaging SIRC email, and tracking tasks and decisions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend SIRC Officer and Core meetings (by phone)
  • Regular check-ins with Student Secretary by email (weekly) and phone (monthly)
  • Manage SIRC email account – sirc@uw.edu
  • Manage SIRC Officer and Core meetings, including invites and reminders
  • Manage and organize Student Officer and Officer elections

Communication Officer
The Communications Officer assists with representing SIRC in the social media landscape, as well as via our website and mailing list.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend SIRC Officer and Core meetings (by phone)
  • Regular check-ins with Student Communications Officer by email (weekly) and phone (monthly)
  • Communicate with SIRC President and other SIRC Officers to prepare dissemination of information
  • Update the website with the Student Communication Officer and the other SIRC Officers
  • Draft SIRC Newsletter (gather information from other SIRC Officers with SIRC Communication Officer)
  • Craft messages for social media (e.g., Twitter) and mailing list distribution

Practitioner Network of Expertise Chair
The SIRC Practitioner Network of Expertise (NoE) is comprised of experts on the principles and process of EBP implementation and is comprised of three sub-networks: 1) providers, 2) intermediaries, 3) policy makers/administrators. The Chair of the Practitioner NoE supports the SIRC mission of bridging implementations science and practice by supporting the efforts and representing the interests of SIRC’s practice-oriented members.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend SIRC board meetings and facilitate communication between practice sub-network leaders and SIRC board members; advocate for the interests of practice sub-networks.
  • Host a quarterly/twice a year conference call between practice sub-network leaders
  • Identify shared interests between practice sub-networks that may result in a shared initiatives between groups and facilitate the collaboration between sub-networks
  • Work with the conference planning committee to develop and implement conference activities, including practice-oriented awards and a pre-conference workshop that is practice-oriented and/or promotes research-practice collaboration.

Social Chair
The Social Chair plans social activities and events around SIRC membership. This includes planning and organizing social activities and events at the conference.

Student Representative

SIRC has two Student Representatives with elections every year so the two representatives overlap. The incoming (most recently elected) representative will have a vote on the board but both representatives will work together to lead the Student mentoring program and provide support to the SIRC officers as needed to maximize SIRC conferences and initiatives.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend SIRC Officer and Core meetings (by phone)
  • Review applications for the Student Network of Expertise (NoE)
  • Match student NoE members with mentors in the New Investigator NoE
  • Plan social and networking events for students at the biennial SIRC conferences
  • Advising SIRC officers on how to effectively support SIRC student members

Thank you! We look forward to receiving your nominations!