If you have an iPhone or Android, take advantage of the free SIRC event app!  Using the “Bloodhound” App, you can access up-to-date schedules and maps, connect with fellow attendees via Facebook and LinkedIn, and more, all from your smart phone.


Click Here to Download the Bloodhound App


Helpful Hints


Finding SIRC:

If SIRC isn’t automatically loaded in your app, search for SIRC in the Load Events screen.  There are three tabs in the Load Events screen: 1) Featured, 2) All, and 3) Liked. Not all events are “Featured”, so to search for SIRC the “All” tab is probably best. After you find SIRC, use the heart-shaped symbol in the top right to Like it. Now, SIRC will always be quickly findable from the “Liked” tab if you ever switch to view a different event and want to come back.


Accessing the Menu:

In the upper left hand corner of the app there are three small white horizontal bars. Tap on these bars to access the menu. The menu will include tabs for the conference Schedule, Map, and People (attendees using the app who have linked their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts). 


Refreshing the App:

To refresh the app with the most recent event data, use pull-to-refresh. For example, in the schedule tab, when you’re at the top of the schedule list, tap the schedule and drag it down to reveal the text “Pull down to refresh.” You should see the arrow flip and the text will change to say “Release to refresh.” Release, and your info will be brought up-to-date in a moment.

All event information is automatically updated when you load it. If you believe the information may have changed for any section (e.g., Schedule, Map, People), just pull-to-refresh.


Viewing Different Schedule Dates:

Once you are in the Schedule tab, the top of the schedule will show the conference date. To view a different conference date, tap the arrows next to the date.


Additional Help:

For additional help, and for more information about the networking features, please see the official Bloodhound App help page.