Please see below to see the awards presented at the 5th Biennial SIRC Conference on September 13-14, 2019.


The SIRC mission award is an inaugural award to recognize outstanding contributions of collaborative teams in advancing implementation science and practice consistent with the spirit of SIRC’s mission.

Penn Center for Mental Health & Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health
A 30-year community-academic partnership which includes policy-makers from DBH, Community Behavioral Health leadership (the sole payer for Medicaid services in Philadelphia county), faculty and trainees from Penn CMH, and agency administrators and therapists in the DBH network.

VA Behavioral Health QUERI Program
BH QUERI seeks to improve coordination, quality, equity, and outcomes of care for Veterans with behavioral health conditions in partnership with national VA operations leadership from VA’s Office of Primary Care.

Center for Practice Innovations
CPI is a partnership between the New York State Office of Mental Health and the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry to promote the widespread use of evidence-based practices for adults throughout New York State.


Understanding the Implementation of Evidence-Informed Policies and Practices from a Policy Perspective: A Critical Interpretive Synthesis
Heather L Bullock, John N. Lavis, Michael G. Wilson, Gillian Mulvale, & Ashleigh Miatello

New Investigator:
One Size Does Not Fit All: Clinician Intentions to Implement Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Vary by Specific Component
Emily Becker-Haimes, Jessica Fishman, Torrey Creed, Courtney Benjamin Wolk, Danielle Centeno, & David Mandell

Conference Theme – Symposium
The Intersection of Behavioral Economics, Participatory Design, and Implementation Science
Chair: Briana S. Last 
Discussant: Gregory Aarons
Other authors/presenters: Courtney Benjamin Wolk, Rinad S. Beidas, Andrew Quanbeck, Nathaniel Williams, Rebecca Stewart, David S. Mandell, Heather Nuske, & Emily Becker-Haimes

Conference Theme – Oral Presentation
Evidence-Based Policymaking to Prevent Youth Substance Misuse: Where The Rubber Slams into the Evidence-Based Program Implementation Road
Brittany Cooper, Adam Darnell, Angie Funaiole, Kevin Haggerty, & Laura Hill

Implementation Practice
Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Novel Applications and Adaptations of Implementation Tools and Strategies in Real World Settings 
Robert Franks & Jonathan Scaccia