Chief Learning Officer

Reading and Math Corps


As Reading and Math Corps grow—and as other programs take deeper root–Reading & Math, Inc. (RMI) has a growing need for additional leadership capacity in strategic implementation of programming. Given RMI’s focus on implementing effective large-scale programs, particularly those with a focus on educational issues, leadership with both best-practices knowledge and extensive experience is necessary to ensure all aspects of implementation are maximized. Specifically, this position will direct and improve practices for several aspects of implementation, including: training (initial and ongoing), creating high-quality reference/support materials, strategic implementation of pilot and core programming, and coaching (i.e., ongoing support). Another essential role for this position will be the establishment of ongoing communication and partnership with AmeriCorps program administration at ServeMinnesota, which has a Research and Development team that provides all programs “Technical Assistance” in the area of (1) establishing/expanding evidence and (2) building/refining systems and technological solutions for data management.

Essential Functions

The Chief Learning Officer (CLO) will have the overall responsibility for creating a vision, setting direction, and establishing a set of criteria to ensure that all aspects related to the implementation of educationally-related Reading & Math, Inc. programs are as effective and efficient as possible, with a particular emphasis Reading and Math Corps. Over time, the CLO will establish a team of fully qualified implementation managers who will team with the CLO to operationalize the initiatives designed to maximize Reading and Math Corps impact on learning. Specific duties include:

  1. Training:
  • Create a vision and plan to ensure that Reading and Math Corps training processes and content are maximally effective and efficient.
  • Work collaboratively with existing Reading Corps and Math Corps lead trainers in the PreK, K3, and Math Corps programs to leverage effective training procedures across all programs.
  • Ensure training procedures and content is satisfactorily standardized and aligned with best practices in training research to ensure effective and efficient adoption of training procedures by national replication partners.
  • Establish and maintain collaborative working partnerships with ServeMinnesota staff who provide technical assistance for best-practices on the training of educational initiatives.
  1. Coaching:
  • Provide leadership to develop structure, systems, and processes to ensure ongoing implementation of Master Coaching model is successful, and replication of the model in all new sites is effective (including in new states that adopt Reading or Math Corps). This aspect should include a plan and vision for the selection, training, and ongoing professional enrichment of individuals serving as master coaches.
  • Provide overarching management and support for internal and master coaching components for Reading and Math Corps; including directing time allocation of master coaching and ensuring coaching structure is efficient and effective.
  • Establish and maintain collaborative working partnerships with ServeMinnesota staff who provide technical assistance for best-practices on the ongoing coaching and support for implementing educational initiatives.

     3. Materials:

  • Provide overarching management and support for the development of standardized support/reference materials for Reading and Math Corps programs.
  • Work with lead trainers and content developers in the PreK, K3, and Math Corps programs to ensure content in support/reference materials is maximally effective.
  • With the support of team members, establish a standard process with lead trainers and content developers to ensure support/reference materials are continually revised in an effective and efficient manner.

4. Strategic Implementation of Pilot and Core Programming:

  • Work other relevant staff to ensure scaling of core Reading and Math Corps programming in all new sites (including states that newly adopt Reading or Math Corps) is consistent with evidence base for best practices in systems change and program scaling.
  • Work with ServeMinnesota R & D staff to support the scaling of innovative pilot programming for Reading and Math Corps, ensuring increasingly broad scaling is consistent with best practices in systems change from two perspectives: (1) an internal capacity perspective and (2) an external user perspective.
  • Establish and maintain working partnerships with ServeMinnesota staff who provide technical assistance for evaluating and refining evidence for educational initiatives.

     5. Lead the Department of Learning and Training:

  • Provide ongoing leadership and prioritization of the objectives of the Managing Director with respect to all aspects of implementing the organization’s strategic educational programming.
  • Provide strategic direction and management to a team of direct reports within the department.
  • Work with broader set of Reading and Math Corps experts, trainers, and developers to develop positions that will extend capacity of Reading & Math, Inc. for implementing educational programming.

     6. Budget Management:

  • Analyze and maximize the cost effectiveness and efficiencies of the department.
  • Manage the budget as it relates to master coaching, training, and program materials for PreK, K3, Math (including pilot programming).


Minimum Education

  • Advanced degree in Educational Psychology, Elementary Education, Literacy or equivalent is required. A Ph.D. in a field that includes research and training related to Implementation Science in education is highly preferred.

Minimum Experience

Given the technical requirements of this position it will be highly preferred to move someone into this position who has exceptional knowledge in best practices for implementation, and who has proven themselves to be successful in a practice-base coaching experience and developed strong leadership skills. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Trained as both a coach and a trainer. Given that these will be two of the most critical aspects of the position it will be important that qualified candidates have demonstrated an expertise as both a coach and a trainer.
  • Must have advanced training and expertise in research and evidence-based implementation practices. This individual will need to know how to access and review high-quality research and use that research to inform their initiatives and daily actions.
  • Must have at least relevant training and experience in the broader practices of Implementation Science. This is critical to ensure familiarity with the principles and priorities of how to implement large, complex, research-based programs.
  • As a leader the individual should have demonstrated an ability to create a vision, develop corresponding strategies, and deliver desired results in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally they must have the ability to inspire their team to embrace the vision and be aligned with the corresponding goals and objectives.
  • Interpersonal skills and an ability to accomplish results through the art of influencing will be important. This individual will be working with a host of individuals at all levels, many of which they will not have direct control over. Thus they’ll have to be able to interact from a student level, to internal coaches, to principals, and the like.
  • Given the host of issues they’ll face, particularly on a national level, intuition, and ability to “think quickly on your feet”, and having a “sense of urgency” will all be key to one’s success.
  • Experience managing a budget and making decisions as it relates to financial resources.
  • Individual must have a real passion for community service, and be dedicated for achieving the highest possible outcome for the kids. Thus they must role model those behaviors which parallel a desire to do whatever necessary to ensure that every child touched by AmeriCorps is given the best opportunity to succeed.

Leadership Competencies

  • Strategic Orientation – Must be visionary, strategic and inspirational. That is, he/she has an ability to create a vision for direction, knows how to develop the corresponding strategies to achieve the vision, and is capable of inspiring his/her staff to embrace the vision and do what is necessary to execute accordingly.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Must be self-aware (understands one’s strengths and weaknesses, able to adapt to ever changing situations), adept at reading the social and emotional cues of others, have strong overall interpersonal skills, and be an effective situational leader.
  • Results Oriented – Knows how to set ambitious yet attainable goals, execute against respective action plans, and meet them in a timely and cost effective manner. Can accelerate and maximize the achievements of others. Understands how to take a visionary idea and put it into practice.
  • Adaptability – Knows how to adapt to ever changing strategies, economic conditions, and internal and external forces that affect the organization. Learns from mistakes, is open to new ideas, and is continuously evolving. Always looks for more efficient and effective ways of operating.
  • Collaborative – Works well with colleagues and partners within and across departments yet is also an effective delegator.
  • Decision Making – Is capable of making optimal decisions in a timely fashion and with complex or insufficient information. An ability to lead an effective decision-making process and applying intuition when necessary.

Physical Requirements

Reading & Math Inc. is committed to compliance with the Minnesota Human Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act and will make reasonable accommodations as possible to enable employees to perform the essential function of their positions.

This position requires the ability to:

  • Travel locally and statewide as needed to attend meetings
  • Communicate effectively with people/groups in multiple settings within and outside the organization
  • Effectively utilize existing and emerging technology to achieve required results
  • Transporting of moderately heavy objects up to 25 pounds

To apply, contact Jane Sergot.