The Department of Psychiatry within the University of Michigan Medical School is seeking an experienced, energetic, highly motivated, and organized individual to join a growing research team. This will be a full-time position at the academic staff level with a competitive salary and full benefits (as well as the possibility of converting to a faculty role in the future).

The Implementation Specialist will work with the principal investigator and other research team members of the TRAILS Program: Transforming Research into Action to Improve the Lives of Students. TRAILS is a statewide initiative that aims to implement and evaluate a training model to increase utilization of evidence-based mental health practices among school and community professionals. The Implementation Specialist will be expected to provide guidance and input regarding the development, expansion, and evaluation of TRAILS; generate ideas and action plans to help TRAILS achieve long-term program sustainability; identify and build relationships with key state- and national partners; and support day-to-day program operations, as needed. Ideal candidates will show the capacity to contribute to the development of a long-term vision for TRAILS and think critically about the implementation challenges the program will face and potential strategies for overcoming them.

Specific responsibilities:
 Identify, measure, and address organizational barriers to provider adoption of evidence‐based skills
 Inform the design and execution of implementation strategies for school health professionals
 Develop programmatic operational manuals to facilitate the expansion and scaling of TRAILS
 Develop and apply assessments to monitor fidelity of both the evidence‐based practices delivered by
school professionals and the implementation strategies utilized
 Lead development and execution of focus groups and other feedback mechanisms for school staff,
administrators, students, families, and other stakeholders to inform program evolution
 Collaborate with trainers, consultants, website content experts, communications staff, statisticians, grant
writers, and other personnel in a team‐oriented manner;
 Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders at a state‐ and national level
 Apply strategic thinking for future program implementation and work with other team members to develop business concepts for TRAILS sustainability
 Prepare manuscripts and assist with manuscript development in a team science environment

Required Qualifications:
 Master’s or PhD in education, public health, social work, psychology, or related field with at least 2 years of experience in research, implementation, or program evaluation in community settings
 Knowledge or experience with implementation or quality improvement science and methods
 A solid understanding of evidence‐based practices for child and adolescent mental illnesses and the current shift towards a common elements approach to treatment
 Experience working or conducting research in school or educational settings
 Experience with and knowledge of fidelity monitoring strategies and practices
 Expertise in quality assurance and program evaluation within mental health, or educational settings
 An interest in public policy and/or the marketing and sustainability of mental health programs
 Highly motivated, organized, and autonomous
 Excellent multi‐tasking ability and record‐keeping skills
 Computer proficiency (i.e. Microsoft Word,  Excel, and Power Point)

Desired qualifications:
 Strong technical writing and verbal/public speaking communication skills
 Ability to build and maintain relationships with community, administrative, and State partners
 Professional demeanor and excellent interpersonal skills
 Ability to work and communicate effectively with a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists,
social workers, evaluators, and school‐based professionals in the community
 Ability to demonstrate flexibility within an evolving community participatory research project
 Knowledge and skills in applying mixed methods with the ability to oversee qualitative and quantitative
data collection, coding, and analysis

Contact: Jen Vichich, TRAILS Program Coordinator