The Implementation and Quality Improvement Associate will support JBCC staff on reaching specific project goals and activities, facilitate the development, management, and implementation of quality improvement initiatives internal and external to JBCC, and apply basic to advanced concepts, principles, and implementation and quality improvement techniques to improve the quality of services being delivered. The Implementation and Quality Improvement Associate will provide core support to the Quality Care Initiative at JBCC by working on multiple initiatives focused on the implementation and sustainability of evidence-based and best practices for children and families at the local, state, and national levels. The primary responsibilities of this position will be to support all implementation activities, promote, and utilize quality improvement strategies to improve performance and outcomes of programs internal and external to JBCC.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support JBCC staff to achieve project specific implementation and quality improvement deliverables
  • Collaborate with staff to establish JBCC as a regional and national leader in the implementation and sustainability of evidence-based practices
  • Apply implementation science, research, and quality improvement strategies to implementation initiatives and to promote positive outcomes in programs
  • Support staff in developing evaluation plans and analyzing implementation data for quality improvement and evaluation purposes
  • Assist with the development of publications, professional presentations, and research reports
  • Support staff in pursuing opportunities for extramural funding including state and federal grants and contracts and funding from philanthropy
  • Identify and integrate models, concepts, quality improvement strategies (e.g., Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles), and problem solving techniques for internal quality improvement projects and external implementation initiatives
  • Collaborate with JBCC staff to integrate implementation and quality improvement initiatives, activities, and techniques in support of organizational strategic goals
  • Collaborate with JBCC staff to design processes, tools, and templates that improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of direct service programs
  • Work with JBCC staff to coordinate and assist with data systems development and maintenance, data collection, coding, management, and reporting of both process and outcome data
  • Use statistical, and word processing applications (e.g., Excel, SPSS, Word, PowerPoint) to manage, analyze, and report on implementation and quality improvement data
  • Produce reports that include professional-quality tables, graphs, and figures and written interpretation of findings
  • Respond to ad hoc data analysis requests
  • Participate in off-site meetings with external partners
  • Conduct literature and data searches/reviews
  • Conduct ad hoc research for implementation projects, presentations, and papers
  • Provide consultation to state agencies and/or behavioral health providers through in-person site visits, one-on-one telephone calls, and conference calls
  • Collaborate with JBCC staff to develop and disseminate quality improvement strategies for internal and external projects to JBCC
  • Support the JBCC HIPAA Compliance Committee
  • Work with Internal Review Board (IRB), as needed
  • Engage in special projects as directed by the CEO and/or Director of Implementation and Quality Improvement
  • Assist with other aspects of implementation including administrative and operational support as needed

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Possess a doctoral degree in psychology, public health, social work, child development, or closely related field
  • Requires at least two-years of experience with implementation, quality improvement, program development, and/or evaluation
  • Experience with large datasets and statistical analysis using SPSS for implementation, quality improvement, and/or evaluation purposes
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and SPSS
  • Experience using online database systems and/or survey tools
  • Experience presenting implementation and quality improvement data to diverse audiences
  • Ability to work and complete assignments independently.
  • Must be extremely organized, efficient, adaptive, and a good team player that likes to work in a collaborative environment.
  • Knowledge of the mental health, education, child welfare, and/or juvenile justice systems

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