Breakout P – May 17, 3013


Implementation of TF-CBT Across Washington State

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Presenter:  Joe Leroy, MSW

Authors:  Joe Leroy, MSW,1 Dan Fox, MSW,2 Ron Gengler, MS,3 & Lori Vanderburg, MS4

1HopeSparks Family Services; 2Lutheran Community Services Northwest; 3Central WA Comprehensive Mental Health; 4Compass Health


Abstract: The dissemination and implementation literature is replete with challenges, barriers, and some successes to implementing and scaling up evidence-based treatments (EBT) in community-based settings. With a few exceptions, generally missing from the research dialogue; however, are the perspectives and voices of clinicians, supervisors, and administrators in public mental health agencies who are implementing, or being asked or mandated to implement EBT.

In Washington State, the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery funded a yearly Trauma-focused CBT training initiative for public mental health agencies. Now in its seventh year, with a broadened, common elements focus on CBT for anxiety, depression and behavioral problems, a number of agencies have adopted CBT.  This presentation brings together champions from a wide range of EBT-adopting agencies in Washington State to present their experiences and perspectives on facilitators, barriers, success stories, and ongoing challenges at the various stages of implementation. Of particular focus for the presentation will be the balance between effective and feasible strategies for obtaining: 1) agency-wide reach of EBT and 2) assessing clinician competence and fidelity given challenges of turnover, tight budget climate, and in Washington State, pending EBT legislation.