SIRC Conference 2: Information, Media and Videos

Solving Implementation Research Dilemmas 

May 16-17, 2013

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Should EBPs be Locally Grown or Factory Farmed?

Greg Simon, MD, MPH, Group Health Research Institute


Innovative Approaches for Making EBPs Work (MC: Cameo Borntrager, PhD)

Bridge Over Troubled Waters: The Interactive Systems Framework for Dissemination & Implementation

Abraham Wandersman, PhD, University of South Carolina

Implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports: The Influence of Emotion, Self-Efficacy, & Organizational Commitment

Zed Kramer, MA, Molly K. McDonald, MA, Brandon Rennie, EdS, & Cameo Borntrager, PhD, University of Montana

Seeing is Believing:  Behavioral Rehearsal Methodology

Shannon Dorsey, PhD, University of Washington, Rinad Beidas, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine , Wendi Cross, PhD, University of Rochester Medical Center


Leadership & Implementation (MC: Adam Carmel, PhD)

Leadership & Implementation

Bruce J. Avolio, PhD, Center for Leadership & Strategic Thinking, Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington

Taking a Lesson from Usual Care: Predictors of Use of Evidence-Based Practices for Youth

Charmaine K. Higa-McMillan, PhD, University of Hawaii at Hilo


EBP Champion Symposium (MC: Sara J. Landes)

Is My Patient Getting Better? Implementation of Mental Health Progress Monitoring/Outcomes System in an Integrated Delivery System

Bradley Steinfeld, PhD, Group Health Cooperative


Learning from Implementation Observation (MC: Sue Kerns)

Training in Triple P (Positive Parenting Program): Exploring Implementation Outcomes Across Practitioner Groups in the United States, Australia, England and Canada

Suvena Sethi, Parenting and Family Support Centre, University of Queensland

Factors Associated with Adoption of a Mental Health Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Colby Chlebowski, University of California, San Diego

Observed Barriers to Implementation of Empirically???Supported Treatments by Clinicians Working with Military and Veteran Patients

Craig J. Bryan, National Center for Veterans Studies, and David S. Riggs, Center for Deployment Psychology


Implementation Through Collaborations with Policymakers (MC: Aaron Lyon)

Effective Implementation of EBP Legislation by Engaging Providers in a Coaching Process

Eric Trupin and Gabrielle D’Angelo, University of Washington Division of Public Behavioral Health and Justice


Negotiating Implementation Science and Evaluation Research: Lessons Learned from a National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Implementation Study

Jacqueline Berman, Mathematica Policy Research

Identifying the Needs of OEF/OIF Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Co???Occurring Behavioral Health Issues

Lisa Brenner, Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 19 Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical

Center (MIRECC)


Advancing Fidelity Measurement (MC: Jennifer Villatte)

Fidelity Measurements in the Real World: Feasibility of BECCI and MITI for Motivational Interviewing in Child and Youth Mental Health

Melissa Kimber, Raluca Barac, and Melanie Barwick, Hospital for Sick Children

Comparisons Among Six Methods for Measuring Fidelity: Implications for Research and Practice

Kristin Duppong Hurley, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

An Update on Project BEST (Bringing Evidence???Supported Treatments to South Carolina Children and Families): Challenges to Measuring Provider Fidelity

Rochelle F. Hanson, Medical University of South Carolina


Implementing Primary Care Interventions (MC: Maria Monroe???DeVita)

Transformation and Spread of Primary Care Clinics into Medical Homes: It’s Slow, Hard Work

Leif I. Solberg, Health Partners Institute for Education and Research

Understanding Variations in Implementation of the Patient???Centered Medical Home: A Qualitative Study of Fidelity

Rosalind Keith, Mathematica Policy Research

CADET Clinical and Cost Effectiveness of Collaborative Care for Depression in UK Primary Care: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

David A. Richards, University of Exeter, UK


EBP Champion Symposium (MC: Cara C. Lewis and Cameo Borntrager)

Solving Research Dilemmas Related to Implementation Fidelity

Rebecca Selove, Centerstone Research Institute


Sustainability and Adaptation in Social Services (MC: Maria Monroe???DeVita

Implementation Strategies in Social Service Settings: A Research Agenda

Byron J. Powell, Washington University in St. Louis

DBT Teams in Training 2008???2011: Implementation Follow???up in 2012

Anthony DuBose, Behavioral Tech, LLC, and André Ivanoff, PhD, Columbia University and Behavioral Tech, LLC

Understanding Modifications to CBT in Community Settings: A Comparison of Providers in Adult and Child Mental Health Service Settings

Shannon Wiltsey Stirman, VA National Center for PTSD and Boston University


Implementation of Critical Time Intervention (MC: Meghan Keough, PhD)

From Inception to Practice: Taking an Evidence-Based Practice from Development to Implementation
Challenges & Successes in Assessing Fidelity to the CTI Model Over Time
Assessing the Implementation of the Critical Time Intervention Model Across 20 Homeless-Service Agencies
R. Neil Greene, PhD, Melissa Martin, MSW, Center for Social Innovation, Needham, MA


Matching Implementation to Setting (MC: Sara J. Landes)

Matching Training To Setting: A New Implementation Model For Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Helen Best, Treatment Implementation Collaborative, LLC

User???Centered Design and the Implementation of Evidence???Based Interventions

Aaron R. Lyon, University of Washington

Designing an Implementation Strategy to Support the Multi???Site Scale???Up of an Evidence???Based, Culturally Appropriate Practice Model for Intensive Family Support Services Across the Northern Territory, Australia

Robyn Mildon, Knowledge Exchange and Implementation, Parenting Research Centre


Research???Community Relationships (MC: Sue Kerns)

Evaluating the Success of a Statewide EBP Scale???Up Project: The Children’s Administration???University of Washington EBP Partnership

Eric Bruns and Andrea Negrete, University of Washington

Reviewing the Use of Research???Community Partnerships to Facilitate Implementation of Evidence???Based Practices in Children’s Community Services

Nicole Stadnick, San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego

Developing the Autism Model of Implementation for ASD Community Providers: Use of Research???Community Partnership

Amy Drahota, San Diego State University


Leveraging Technology (Rinad Beidas, PhD)

Scaling Up Assessment of Therapist Fidelity in Motivational Interviewing: Preliminary Development of the AutoMITI
David C. Atkins, PhD, University of Washington
PracticeGround: An Online Platform to Help Therapists Learn, Implement, & Measure Impact of EBPs
Gareth Holman, PhD, Evidence-Based Practice Institute, University of Washington
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Implementation Process & Outcomes in VA & Community Settings
Sara J. Landes, PhD, National Center for PTSD, VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Matthew Ditty, MSW, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice




SIRC Instrument Review Taskforce: An Overview of Progress Made & Plans for the Future

Cara C. Lewis, PhD, Indiana University


Key Findings & Future Paths Research (MC: Suzanne Kerns, PhD)

Implementation Science in an Era of Health Reform & Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research: New Threats, New Expectations, New Opportunities

Brian Mittman, PhD, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System & Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Synthesis of Findings from 3 Lifestyle Behavior Change Program Implementation in the VA

Laura J. Damschroder, MS, MPH, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System

Racial/Ethnic Disparities & the Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Public Youth-Serving Systems

Antonio R. Garcia, PhD, School of Social Policy & Practice, University of Pennsylvania


Implementation in Zambia (MC: Shannon Dorsey, PhD)

Implementation of TF-CBT in Zambia: Perspectives from Local Supervisors & Counselors
Margaret Kasoma, Serenity Harm Reduction Programme Zambia (SHARPZ)
Organizational Implementation Barriers & Facilitators for Mental Health Programs in Zambia: A Mixed-Methods Study
Laura Murray, PhD, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
Mixed Methods Assessment of Implementation Barriers & Facilitators for Mental Health Programs in Zambia: Provider Level Themes
Rinad Beidas, PhD, University of Pennsylvania


Global Models of Implementation (MC: Rinad Beidas, PhD)

Scaling Up Care for Orphans in Tanzania: A Task???Sharing Approach to Mental Health Treatment

Shannon Dorsey, University of Washington

A Transdiagnostic Mental Health Intervention in Low Resource Countries: An Alternative Solution to Mental

Health Implementation Challenges

Laura Murray, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Implementation of Cognitive Processing Therapy Provided by Community???Based Paraprofessionals in the

Democratic Republic of Congo: Influence of Therapist Factors Randomized Clinical Trial

Debra Kaysen, Shelley Griffiths, Cindy Stappenbeck, University of Washington


Innovative Substance Abuse Treatment Implementation (MC: Doyanne Darnell)

Scaling Up and Sustaining Alcohol & PTSD Screening and Intervention in US Trauma Care Systems

Douglas Zatzick, University of Washington

Lessons Learned from Implementing a Web???Based Tool for Brief Alcohol Interventions in a Large Integrated Health Care System

Kenneth R. Weingardt, Veterans Health Administration and Stanford University

Disseminating Contingency Management: A Training and Implementation Trial

Bryan Hartzler, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington


Statistical Methods Workshop Part I (MC: Kate Comtois)

Design and Analysis Challenges with Multilevel Implementation Data

David C. Atkins, University of Washington, and Scott A. Baldwin, Brigham Young University


Learning from Scale???Up (MC: Meghan Keough)

Overcoming Implementation Research Challenges While Studying CPT Training and Implementation Across


Shannon Wiltsey Stirman, VA National Center for PTSD and Boston University

Financing and Scaling Up Early Intervention Services

Howard H. Goldman, University of Maryland School of Medicine

System Improvement Through Service Collaboratives: Closing Gaps and Improving Access and Coordination

Brian Rush, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto


Fidelity of Interventions Across the Age Spectrum (MC: Sue Kerns)

Implementation of the Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives for Seniors (PEARLS)

Lesley Steinman, Health Promotion Research Center, University of Washington

Common Issues with Assessing Fidelity to Complex Multi???Modal Service Programs: Lessons Learned from Assessing Fidelity to the ACT Model

Maria Monroe???DeVita, University of Washington

Assessing Implementation Fidelity of the Family Check???Up: Development and Validation of the COACH Rating System

Justin D. Smith, Child and Family Center, University of Oregon


EBP Champions Symposium (MC: Shannon Dorsey)

Implementation of TF???CBT across Washington State

Joe Leroy, HopeSparks Family Services, Dan Fox, Lutheran Community Services Northwest, Ron Gengler,

Central WA Comprehensive Mental Health, and Lori Vanderburg, Compass Health


Sustainability (MC: Adam Carmel)

Sustainability of CBT for Youth Anxiety in Community Settings Following Implementation

Rinad Beidas, University of Pennsylvania

Supporting Implementation of the Triple P System: A Standardized Framework

Jacquie Brown and Sara van Driel, Triple P International

Research Implementation within a Clinical Practice: Resolving the Science/Practice Dialectic

Sally Moore, Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle and University of Washington


Statistical Methods Workshop Part II (MC: Kate Comtois)

Design and Analysis Challenges with Multilevel Implementation Data

David C. Atkins, University of Washington, and Scott A. Baldwin, Brigham Young University


New Implementation Measures (MC: Doyanne Darnell)

Measuring an Evidence???Based Model of Implementation: Preliminary Development of a Survey Instrument

Josef I. Ruzek, National Center for PTSD and Stanford University

Solving Measurement Issues in Implementation Science

Cara C. Lewis and Ruben Martinez, Indiana University

Common Elements for Implementing Evidence???Based Practices in Children’s Mental Health

Lisa Saldana, Oregon Social Learning Center


Outcomes from New Interventions (MC: Meghan Keough)

Team???Based Exposure and Ritual Prevention for Adults with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: An Open Trial Implemented in a Community Mental Health Center

Maria Mancebo, Butler Hospital/Alpert Medical School at Brown University

Implementation of the Family Check???Up in Community Mental Health Agencies: Clinical Effectiveness, Fidelity, and Other Outcomes

Justin D. Smith, Child and Family Center, University of Oregon

Cognitive Retraining (CR) for Attention and Working Memory for Older Adults: What to Train, to Whom, and How Long?

Lee Hyer, Georgia Neurosurgical Institute & Mercer School of Medicine


Final Symposium: Interagency Collaborative Teams to Scale-Up Evidence-Based Practices: Preliminary Results from a Large Scale Implementation (MC: Maria Monroe-DeVita, PhD)

Interagency Collaborative Teams for Capacity Building to Scale-Up Evidence-Based Practice

Michael Hurlburt, PhD, Child & Adolescent Services Research Center and University of Southern CaliforniaGregory A. Aarons, PhD, University of California, San Diego and Child & Adolescent Services Research CenterDanielle Fettes, University of California, San Diego and Child & Adolescent Services Research Center, Cathleen Willging, Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation, Lawrence A. Palinkas, PhD, Child & Adolescent Services Research Center and University of Southern California, Mark J. Chaffin, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

Collaboration, Negotiation, & Coalescence for Interagency-Collaborative Teams to Scale-up Evidence-Based Practice
Gregory A. Aarons, PhD, University of California, San Diego and Child & Adolescent Services Research Center, Michael Hurlburt, PhD, Child & Adolescent Services Research Center and University of Southern California, Danielle Fettes, University of California, San Diego and Child & Adolescent Services Research Center,Cathleen Willging, Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation, Lara Gunderson, MA, Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation, Mark Chaffin, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Lawrence A. Palinkas, PhD, Child & Adolescent Services Research Center and University of Southern California

Leadership & Practice in the Face of Policy: How Supervisors & Providers Exercise Discretion in Evidence-Based Practice Implementation
Lara Gunderson, MA, Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation, Cathleen Willging, acific Institute for Research & Evaluation