Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Champions are policy makers, agency leaders, clinicians, consumers, and advocates who are championing the use of EBPs in their system or community rather than the academic world.  Many EBP Champions have successfully implemented one or more EBPs and are finding EBPs improve outcomes for consumers and/or the system.  Others have developed innovative treatments and services and are working to evaluate and disseminate them (aka practice-based evidence).  


While the focus of SIRC is on research of training and implementation, we won’t get far without members of the community who have participated in and facilitated implementations of EBPs giving us their perspective.  We hope EBP Champions and researchers may find collaborators to evaluate implementations.

EBP Champions are critical to the success of implementation and implementation research in general and SIRC in particular.  We welcome new EBP champions to our Network of Expertise (NoE).  If you know someone who is a champion for EBPs in the community (including yourself), you can nominate them by emailing sirc@uw.edu.


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