Breakout A – May 16, 2013

Is My Patient Getting Better? Implementation of Mental Health Progress Monitoring/ Outcomes System in an Integrated Delivery System

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Presenter:  Bradley Steinfeld, PhD

Authors:  Bradley Steinfeld, PhD, Allie Franklin, MSSW, Mariam Sarikhan, MA, Brian Mercer, Group Health Cooperative


Abstract:  Knowing whether patients are getting better is foundational to providing evidence-based care.  Implementing a progress monitoring system that can both be effectively used by clinicians in real time to track progress at the individual patient level while at the same time provide feedback on mental health outcomes at a clinic or program level is a complex endeavor. This symposium will describe the multi-year experience of a behavioral health department in an integrated delivery system in implementing a progress monitoring system.  Strategies for engaging practicing clinicians in use of a progress monitoring tool as well as how to spread tool use across multiple locations and providers will be discussed.  A particular focus will be on how to integrate a progress monitoring system into an electronic medical record.  This symposium will involve multiple speakers providing perspectives on implementation of a progress monitoring system from the individual clinician, clinic manager, organizational leaders, and information systems analyst.