September 8 – 10, 2022

Coronado Marriott, San Diego, California

Join us at SIRC 2022 for in-person collaboration, inspiration, and shared learning about cutting-edge advancements in implementation research and real-world application of implementation practice. This conference marks an important point in time to consider synergies in implementation science and practice in order to lead, support and transform opportunities to accelerate evidence into practice domestically and internationally. The SIRC 2022 theme is designed to ground us in the evidence base and realities of multisector systems to propel implementation research and practice to achieve more equitable, generalizable, and global impact. Our future frontiers to innovate and expand the reach of evidence to practice will be founded on our 10-year history as an organization and the much longer legacy of implementation research and practice.

The SIRC 2022 program will feature presentations that highlight community-engaged partnerships, evidence-based implementation practice, rigorous methods and innovations in capacity building and infrastructure development, dissemination and implementation strategies, designs, approaches to pragmatic measurement, and theories and frameworks. SIRC 2022 will also feature collaborative approaches to promote more equitable, widespread, sustainable access to evidence-based interventions across diverse settings. Implementation research and practice is a dynamic field with many ongoing developments and expansive applications to different contexts, disease areas, public health issues, and human service sectors locally and globally. Thus, SIRC 2022 welcomes presentations from all settings and contexts in which implementation science and research to practice collaborations and partnerships can be used to close the evidence to practice gap. We cannot wait to gather with you and celebrate all we have and will accomplish as a community of research, practice, policy, and community stakeholders!

Key dates for registration and request for proposals to follow soon.

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Already thinking about your presentation submission?

So are we! Presentation submissions should include how the work is either grounded in a foundational model, theory, or method, or innovative in ways that are transferrable to other contexts. Presentation submissions will include yes/no indication of whether there is a student presenter, the work was conducted outside of the United States, and/or the work reflects collaboration or partnership. These factors are not a formal component of the review criteria, but accepted proposals will be reviewed critically to ensure there is an adequate representation of each in the SIRC 2022 program.