Have you heard about the newest proposed Division of APA?
Implementation Science in Psychology

Broadly, implementation science is the study of methods and strategies used to facilitate the integration of best practices into the community to improve services. This new Division will combine research and practice to ensure that service providers have access to the best science.  

Benefits of a new Division include the following:

  • advancing implementation science and practice,
  • setting guidelines,
  • sharing resources,
  • influencing payers,
  • identifying and providing leadership, and
  • engaging stakeholders at policy, system, practice, and consumer levels.  


Initially, we have four main goals:

(1) join research and practice;

(2) facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration;

(3) improve knowledge dissemination through a new high-quality journal; and,

(4) offer professional development opportunities. 

Without a Division to bring together expertise from all areas of psychology, we fear the field will remain both fragmented and limited in its scientific and public health impact.  Other disciplines (e.g., medicine, public health, social work) are moving ahead in this new and exciting arena.  The Implementation Science in Psychology Division will help to assure that psychologists and psychology has a strong presence in implementation science.

We need the support of psychologists doing implementation-related work, such as implementing services in the community, researching implementation processes, conducting evaluations of programs, or creating measures/methods applicable this field.

Please sign our petition for Division status. Encourage your colleagues to sign by sharing the following link: apa-division/

If you use social media, please follow us on Twitter (@APAISDiv) and like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/APAImpSci)!

We will need approximately 800 signed petitions before we can take our request to the APA Council of Representatives.


Sara J. Landes, PhD (sara.landes@va.gov)
Cara Lewis, PhD (lewiscc@indiana.edu)
Rinad Beidas, PhD
Aaron Lyon, PhD (lyona@uw.edu)
Bryan Weiner, PhD

Lisa M. Hagermoser Sanetti, PhD

Gregory Aarons, PhD (gaarons@ucsd.edu)

Instructions for Signing the Petition

To sign electronically: The petition is attached HERE and can be electronically signed using Adobe and emailed to either sara.landes@va.gov or lewiscc@indiana.edu. You can also scan a signed paper copy and email it.

To sign a paper petition and send by mail or fax (202) 218-3599

Send to:

Sarah Jordan

Division Services

American Psychological Association

750 First Street, NE

Washington, DC 20002-4242

To sign on the APA website: The petition is also available on the APA website for direct electronic submission: 


You will need to sign in using your MyAPA user id or email.  All APA members have a MyAPA account already.  If you haven’t used it before or can’t remember your information, you can look up your account here: https://my.apa.org/apa/idm/memberLoginSearch.jsf