SIRC Student Mentorship Opportunities

SIRC is committed to facilitating the advancement of students who aim to focus their work on implementation science. We do this by showcasing Student Investigator work at SIRC conferences, assisting Student Investigators to present at Implementation Development Workshops, offering mentoring/networking opportunities at SIRC conferences, and developing a community of students passionate about implementation science.

Furthermore, we have set up a mentoring program for student to be paired based on their mentorship needs.

Potential mentorship goals include:

  • General mentorship (e.g., long-term career planning, prioritizing projects)
  • Research collaboration opportunities
  • Learning more about D&I
  • Grant writing
  • School/job applications
  • Workshopping an idea
  • Dissertation execution

Mentorship models can include:

  • Cohort mentorship with peers working on a similar project/career phase (e.g., post-bacs applying for grad programs, grad students developing dissertation, grad students on job market)
  • Peer mentorship by a student with experience in D&I
  • Group mentorship meeting(s) with a faculty member, advanced student, or implementation practitioner (e.g., applying for a grant or fellowship)
  • Individual mentorship with a member of the New Investigator or the Practitioner Network of Expertise.

Mentorship opportunities may occur on a one-off, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. We will choose a format to match mentor and student interest, as well as mentor availability.

How do I submit a mentorship request?

  • You may request to participate in one of the SIRC mentorship programs through this form.
  • Requests for mentorship matches are due 15 September each year. The request form will be sent out through the SIRC Student List Serv.
  • You must be a registered SIRC member to participate in the SIRC student mentorship program. See below for instructions on how to join SIRC.

Note: SIRC mentorship matches are only available to SIRC members. Click here for information on how to join SIRC.