The Student Investigator Network of Expertise (NoE) includes:

  • Undergraduate, post-bac, graduate students, and interns/residents learning implementation science

Mentorship opportunities

The NoE is committed to facilitating the advancement of students who aim to focus their work on implementation science. We do this by showcasing Student investigator work at SIRC conferences, assisting Student Investigators to present at Implementation Development Workshops, offering mentoring/networking opportunities at SIRC conferences, and we have set up a mentoring program for student investigators to be paired with and mentored by a more advanced implementation scientist in the New Investigator NoE.

What does participation in the NoE mentorship program involve?

  • Quarterly phone meetings with your mentor
  • Opportunity to email your mentor with questions throughout the year
  • Potential to meet in-person at SIRC (or other) conferences


How do I apply to the NoE?

  • To nominate yourself or a student for the Student Investigator NoE, please email Brigid Marriott: and Colleen Harker:
  • In your email, if you are nominating yourself, please include:
    • Your name
    • Your CV
    • Responses to the following questions (in no more than a single paragraph):
      • How has dissemination and implementation influenced your thinking about research to date?
      • What do you hope to get out of the mentorship program?
    • In your email, if you are nominating a student, please include:
      • The name of the student you’re nominating
      • The email address of the student
      • A sentence or two about why you believe they would be a good fit for the Student Investigator NoE


*Note you must be a registered SIRC user to participate in the NoE.

Register here: wp-login.php?action=register. Benefits for becoming a member of SIRC can be found here: sirc-membership/. Membership is annual fee of $50 a year for students, with financial hardship scholarships available.

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