The Student Investigators Network of Expertise (NoE) includes:

  • Undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows learning implementation research
  • Students who either
    1. Have experience in D&I and are interested in being a peer resource to SIRC student members and/or
    2. are interested in assisting with SIRC’s initiatives for students.

How do I apply to the NoE?

  • You may apply to the Student NoE through a bi-annual application. Here is a link to the application.
  • You must be a registered SIRC member to participate in the NoE. See below for instructions on how to join SIRC.*
  • Applications will be due 15 February and 15 September each year.
  • In the application, you will be asked for the following to determine your qualifications:
    • Your CV
    • Responses to the following questions:
      1. How has dissemination and implementation influenced your thinking about research to date? (one paragraph)
      2. How are you willing to participate as an active member of the Student NoE? (check all that apply)?

*Benefits for becoming a member of SIRC and information on how to Register can be found here: Membership is annual fee of $50 a year for students, with financial hardship scholarships available.



Career Stage



Research Interests


Amber Haley

PhD Student

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Social determinants, mental health, equity, stakeholder engagement, strategy adaptation, low resource settings

Blaine Garman-McClaine

Student: Special Education PhD

Indiana University

Special education, autism, adoption, mechanisms, fidelity, teachers and other school personnel, intermediary organizations


Brigid Marriott

Student: Clinical Psychology PhD; Current Intern

University of Missouri; Medical University of South Carolina

Consultation, training, fidelity, behavioral health, youth & families, innovative models of service delivery

Callie Walsh-Bailey

Student: Public Health Sciences PhD

Washington University in St. Louis

Social determinants of health, health equity, chronic disease; mechanisms, implementation strategies


Carrie Jackson

Post-doctoral Scholar

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Behavioral health, sustainability, children, training, scale-up


Danielle Adams

Student: Social Work PhD

University of Chicago

Children and adolescents, mental health accessibility, systems and policy research


Elizabeth Spitzer

Postdoctoral Fellow

Center for Healthcare Organization & Implementation Research (CHOIR) at VA Boston

Suicide prevention, implementation science


Frances Chu

Student: Nursing PhD

University of Washington

Geriatrics, health literacy, HCD/UCD, team science

Hallie Espel-Huynh

Post-doctoral Scholar

Brown University and The Miriam Hospital

Obesity/eating disorders, routine outcome monitoring, predictive analytics to enhance routine patient care

Hannah Frank

Post-doctoral Scholar

Brown University

Anxiety, children, exposure therapy, training, consultation


Jared Martin

Student: Human Development and Family Science

Ohio State University

Adolescent and young adult behavioral health (alcohol and other drug abuse, runaway bx, suicide), dissemination, adoption, sustainment, training/technical assistance as an implementation strategy, homeless and at-risk youth and young adults


Jordan McNeill

Student: Education PhD

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Special education, autism, implementation drivers, social validity


Katie Nelson

Student: Health Services Research and Policy PhD

Drexel University

Behavioral health, systems science, policy, outer context, dissemination


Kayne Mettert


Kaiser Permanente

Behavioral health, measurement tools

Kendal Reeder

Student: Clinical Psychology PhD

University of California, Los Angeles

Mental health services, evidence-based practice implementation & sustainment, youth & families

Laura Rolke

Student: Applied Health Research & Evaluation PhD

Clemson University

Health behavior, chronic disease management and prevention, adaption, fidelity, pediatrics, school-based health


Lin (Luke) Sun

Student: Special Education PhD

Indiana University Bloomington

Autism intervention, family social support, EBPs, fidelity, adaptation, technology-aided interventions, LMICs


Lisa Rogers

Student: Health Systems PhD

University College Dublin

Healthcare, teams, context, contextual factors


Madeline Larson

Student: School Psychology PhD

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Behavioral health, community-academic partnerships & engaged scholarship, pragmatic methods & strategy tailoring, mechanisms of action, children, adolescents, caregivers


Margaret Crane

Student: Clinical Psychology PhD

Temple University

Dissemination, direct-to-consumer marketing, mental health literacy, stigma, key opinion leaders, purveyor organizations


Maria Hugh

Postdoctoral Scholar

University of Washington

Autism spectrum disorder, decision-making, dissemination, mechanisms, adoption


Mira Snider

Student: Clinical Child Psychology PhD

West Virginia University

Behavioral health, children, fidelity, implementation strategies, mechanisms


Noah Triplett

Student: Clinical Psychology PhD

University of Washington

Training, supervision, low-resource settings, low and middle income countries


Pamela (Denise) Long

Student: Doctor of Education Organizational Leadership/Development

Grand Canyon University

Executive leadership and implementation of institutional racial equity in PreK-12th grade, implementation and enforcement of human rights and reparatory policy for people of African descent

Rabia Mir

Student: Translational Health Sciences PhD

George Washington University

Public health, health education, health communication, mental health, behavioral health

Samuel Cassar

Student: Physical Activity PhD

Deakin University

Physical activity, scale-up, implementation


Sarah Asad

Student: Health Policy and Management PhD

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Patient cancer outcomes, health disparities, adaptation, de-implementation; young cancer patients, minority populations

Sarah Vejnoska

Student: Developmental Psych PhD

University of California, Davis

Autism, behavioral intervention, fidelity, dissemination, collaborative

Stephanie Yu

Student: Clinical Psychology PhD

University of California, Los Angeles

EBP adaptation, implementation & sustainment, school-based implementation, minority mental health access, stigma intervention


Tatiana Elisa Bustos

Student: Community Psychology

Michigan State University

Health-service disparities, health equity for communities of color, program development and evaluation for community-based organizations, social network analysis of partnerships and collaboration


Vivian Byeon

Student: Clinical Psychology PhD

University of California, Los Angeles

Behavioral health services, organizational theory, mental health workforce, sustainability


Zabin Patel

Student: Clinical Psychology PhD

University of Miami

Scalable interventions, community-based, access to care, youth