The Network of Expertise (NoE) researchers include:

  • Established Implementation Research Investigators: Implementation researchers who have been funded for a large, independent implementation research project or career award (formerly Expert SPG member)
  • Established Efficacy or Services Research Investigators: Researchers who have been funded for a large, independent efficacy, effectiveness, or health services research projects who are collaborating on or conducting research that informs implementation research (formerly Expert SPG member)

We welcome established implementation researchers to our Network of Expertise (NoE).  If you know someone who is an Established Investigator (including yourself), you can nominate them by emailing

How do I apply to the NoE?

  • You may apply to the Established Investigator NoE through a bi-annual application. Here is a link to the application.
  • You must be a registered SIRC member to participate in the NoE. See below for instructions on how to join SIRC.*
  • Applications will be due 15 February and 15 September each year.

*Benefits for becoming a member of SIRC and information on how to Register can be found here:

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Amanda Jensen-Doss University of Miami
Cameo Stanick Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services
Carolyn Heckman Other
Kate Comtois University of Washington
Casey Overby University of Maryland
David Chambers National Cancer Institute
Shannon Dorsey University of Washington
Enola Proctor Washington University in St. Louis
Gregory Aarons University of California, San Diego
Gary Bond Dartmouth University
Laura Damschroder US Department of Veterans Affairs
Aaron Lyon University of Washington
Robyn Mildon Parenting Research Centre
Melanie Barwick The Hospital for Sick Children
David Kolko University of Pittsburgh
Alison Hamilton US Department of Veterans Affairs
Patrick Flynn Texas Christian University
Sandra Naoom University of North Carolina
Luke Wolfenden University of Newcastle Australia
Suzanne Kerns University of Washington
Eric Bruns University of Washington
David Atkins University of Washington
Lisa Brenner University of Colorado
Bryce McLeod Virginia Commonwealth University
Cara Lewis Indiana University
Douglas Zatzick University of Washington
Rinad Beidas University of Pennsylvania
Michael Southam-Gerow Virginia Commonwealth University
Helen Best Treatment Implementation Collaborative
Craig Bryan National Center for Veterans Studies
Leif Solberg HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research
Dennis Donovan University of Washington
Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut
Brad Nakamura University of Hawaii
Amy Drahota San Diego State University
Cathleen Willging Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Jacquie Brown Triple P International
Leopoldo Cabassa Columbia University
Josef Ruzek National Center for PTSD
Debra Kaysen University of Washington
Kristin Hawley University of Missouri
Sara van Driel Triple P America
Sona Dimidjian University of Colorado
Mark Greenberg Pennsylvania State University
Gregory Simon Group Health Research Institute
Sonja Schoenwald Medical University of South Carolina
Amy Kilbourne University of Michigan
Howard Goldman University of Maryland
Deborah Cohen Oregon Health & Science University
Jovret Ovret Karolinska Institute
Melanie Harned Behavioral Tech LLC
Sara Landes University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
Maria Monroe-DeVita University of Washington
David Jobes The Catholic University of American
David Stewart Seattle Pacific University
Brian Mittman Kaiser Permanente
Geoffrey Curran University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Patricia Chamberlain Oregon Social Learning Center
Lisa Saldana Oregon Social Learning Center
Allison Metz University of North Carolina
John Landsverk Oregon Social Learning Center
Alison Hutchinson Deakin University
Aron Shlonsky University of Melbourne
Gregory Brown University of Pennsylvania
Lisa Ruble University of Kentucky
Lauren Brookman-Frazee University of California
David Aron US Department of Veterans Affairs
Steve Martino Yale University
Amy Herschell West Virginia University
James Dearing Michigan State University
Marc Atkins University of Illinois
Patricia Arean University of Washington
Chris Dunn University of Washington
Rochelle Hanson Medical University of South Carolina
Stacy Frazier Florida International University
Lisa Sanetti University of Connecticut
Teresa Damush US Department of Veterans Affairs
Shannon Wiltsey Stirman National Center for PTSD
Jeffrey Smith US Department of Veterans Affairs
Lawrence Palinkas University of Southern California
Mike Pullmann University of Washington
Rachel Gold Kaiser Permanente
Jennifer Schroeder The Implementation Group
Ian Bennett University of Washington
Maria E. Fernandez University of Texas
Robert Franks Harvard University
Lucy Berliner University of Washington
Laura Murray Johns Hopkins University
Jennifer Mettrick University of Maryland
Rani Elwy US Department of Veterans Affairs
Ben Saunders Medical University of South Carolina
Kathleen Chard US Department of Veterans Affairs
David Mandell University of Pennsylvania
John Fortney University of Washington
Clayton Cook University of Minnesota
Agnes Rupp NIMH
Anthony DuBose Behavioral Tech LLC
Bruce Chorpita University of California
Susan Forman Rutgers University
Erum Nadeem New York University
Ann Garland Choose One
Ginny Sprang University of Kentucky
Henry Schmidt University of Washington
Andre Ivanoff Columbia University
Peter Mendel RAND
Raphael Rose University of California
Brandon Mathews Other
Marc Atkins University of Illinois at Chicago