Welcome to the Dissemination & Implementation Science (DIS) Special Interest Group (SIG) Page!

We are a special interest group in the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT). SIG members work to develop the evidence base around strategies to successfully disseminate and implement cognitive behavioral and other evidence-based treatments. The SIG supports ABCT’s mission to promote the use of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies through activities that 1) assist researchers in applying implementation science principles to their efforts 2) promote training in, and use of evidenced based therapies, and 3) encourage engagement of stakeholders from the community in the effort of implementing cognitive and behavioral therapies.


  • SIG Leader: Rinad Beidas, University of Pennsylvania
  • Membership Officer/Treasurer: Miya Barnett, University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Communications Officer: Kelsie Okamura, University of Pennsylvania
  • Student Representative: Dani Adams, University of Chicago
  • Senior Advisor: Rochelle Hanson, Medical University of South Carolina


We are an active SIG and have a number of activities at the ABCT annual conference, including:

  • New biannual half day pre-conference meeting on dissemination and implementation topics
  • Happy hour on Thursday evening before the conference
  • Organizing D&I themed ABCT submissions by connecting members with similar interests
  • Annual DIS SIG buttons
  • Poster presentations at the SIG poster hour
  • Annual membership meeting
  • Fun run/walk (we’ve also had fun run/walks at SIRC and APA)

Outside of conferences, we have a number of workgroups and subcommittees that meet on a regular basis by phone.  These groups do a number of activities, such as reading and discussing articles, doing grant review for other members, and collaborating on research project.  The groups include:

Finally, we keep in touch online via:

Becoming a Member

If you are a member of ABCT, joining the SIG is easy.  Please email our Membership Officer, Miya Barnett, to complete the membership form and pay SIG dues.  Dues are $10 for student members and $20 for full members.  If you’d like to become a member of ABCT, please visit their membership page.

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